Today we take a closer look at abc partner Hotel Concorde Berlin and its architecture.
Hôtel Concorde Berlin - Façade
It was no simple task for Berlin architect Jan Kleihues to come up with the design for the Hôtel Concorde Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm. Just like everywhere in Berlin, the surrounding buildings were limited to a height of 22.5 meters (74 feet), while individual structures again and again break through that boundary almost arbitrarily. The ambitious, tapering form, of the Hôtel Concorde Berlin creates unity within the urban fabric. With the views that vary from every side and the regular rhythm of the façade, the hotel takes on an almost sculptural character. This is emphasized even further by the natural stone façade made of Kirchheim limestone, the structure of which changes its visual effect depending upon how the light falls.

Kleihues continued the exterior lines into the interior architecture with clear forms, warm colors, and elegant furnishings. The various public spaces, such as the reception area, lobby, and restaurants, are spatially integrated without losing their independence in the process. On one hand, each space is centered upon itself, symmetrically arranged, and thus clearly defined, yet on the other hand, the individual areas flowingly merge into each other. Uniform form features that extend across all areas create a calm, clear atmosphere. Kleihues has already received numerous awards for his design of the Hôtel Concorde Berlin, for example from the architecture magazine AD Architectural Digest, which selected the hotel as the number one style highlight in Germany.