Shanaynay have just arrived with us here at abc from Paris where they introduce “Upcoming Exhibitions”. This is a project in which a new exhibition produced and initiated by 14 invited international project spaces will occur every two hours in abc’s entrance area. Project spaces are 1857 (Oslo), Am Nuden Da (London), Auto Italia South East (London), Betonsalon (Paris), Cleopatras (New York City), Gasconade (Milan), Generation Works (Washington), Lulu (Mexico), New Theater (Berlin), Ohio (Glasgow), Peles Empire (London), The Ister (Brussels), Treize (Paris), Works Sited (Los Angeles).
Check our programme page here for full details.
The structure of “Upcoming Exhibitions” has been designed by June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge&Chermayeff. “Upcoming Exhibtions” and an accompanying publication have been developed in collaboration with Red Bull.

Image Copiright Shanaynay