Boros Collection | Mandla Reuter
Boros Collection | Mandla Reuter

The exhibition “Proximities and Desires” in the adjacent Hall C of abc presents works from private collections connected to Berlin arranged by the curator Nikola Dietrich. We talked to Nikola Dietrich about the exhibition and the intention.

You organized the special exhibitions Proximities and Desires. What can the visitors expect to see in this exhibition?
The exhibition is based on the initiative of a few private collectors who for many years have been closely connected to Berlin. During the process of selecting and deciding the specific artists’ works that would be included, other collectors became interested and were also able to contribute to this project. Some 14 collections – among them About Change Collection, The Boros Collection, Haubrok Collection, The Olbricht Collection, Julia Stoschek Collection, the collection of Wilhelm und Gaby Schürmann, Egidio Marzona, or Paul Maenz – are presenting works by artists such as Nora Schultz, Manfred Pernice, Mandla Reuter, Heimo Zobernig, Michael Elmgreen / Ingar Dragset, Wladimir Majakowski, Ana Mendieta, John Knight, or Bernadette Corporation.

From where did the title, “Proximities and Desires” originate? What proximities will be constructed and which desires will be satisfied or inflamed?
Proximities and desires are generated by many different means. First of all, it is the relationship the collector is incurring with the artist and artists’ work and the passion it might need before being integrated into the collection; then there are the various connections spawn by the juxtapositions of the works in the exhibition space; the proximities they might enfold in front of the visitors. And more generally, the title also stands for an exhibition that can only provide small view into each of the collections broad facets.

What is the highlight of the exhibition for you?
I think that all of the presented works are highlights in one way or another. It could especially be pointed out that the exhibition encompasses works from different periods of time (one sculpture for example is from the 6th century, another work from this year). Furthermore, the exhibition tries to convey the distinct character of each collection, represented by the carefully selected works.


Collections and artists list:
Boros Collection | Manfred Pernice; Mandla Reuter
About Change Collection | Nora Schultz
Döpfner Collection | Ana Mendieta; Hannah Wilke
Feuerlé Collection | “Head of a King”
Haubrok Collection | Heimo Zobernig
Collection Paul Maenz, Berlin | Giovanni Anselmo
Archiv Marzona | Mel Bochner; Gino de Dominicis
Miettinen Collection, Berlin | Secundino Hernández
Olbricht Collection / me Collectors Room Berlin | Elmgreen & Dragset; Claire Fontaine
Collection Alexander Schröder, Berlin | Bernadette Corporation, John Knight
Julia Stoschek Collection | Sturtevant; Hannah Wilke
Collection Gaby und Wilhelm Schürmann | Mikhail Cheremnykh; Chto Delat; Kasia Fudakowski
Ivo Wessel, Berlin | Jenny Holzer; Stefan Panhans
WURLITZER Berlin-Pied-á-Terre Collection | Marcel Odenbach


druckoptimiert Olbricht Collection / me Collectors Room Berlin | Claire Fontaine
Pool-SCREENING-DEU-HDblowup-3iVX-29 Ivo Wessel | Stefan Panhans

druckoptimiert Olbricht Collection / me Collectors Room Berlin | Elmgreen & Dragset
Pool-SCREENING-DEU-HDblowup-3iVX-29 Ivo Wessel | Stefan Panhans

Stoschek Collection | Sturtevant
Boros Collection | Mandla Reuter
Ohne Titel/Untitled, 2009
Olbricht Collection / me Collectors Room Berlin | Elmgreen & Dragset
Tonight’s Show is Cancelled, 2003 © Olbricht Collection / me Collectors Room Berlin, photo Oren Slor
Ivo Wessel | Stefan Panhans
“Pool”, 2004
Stoschek Collection | Sturtevant
Elastic Tango, 2010