abc art berlin contemporary presents daily Operndorf Afrika’s “mobile cinema” at Station Berlin.

The idea of a mobile cinema is inspired by the “cinéma ambulance” which brings movies to villages in West Africa. Now, Operndorf Afrika brings movies made by Burkinabe filmmakers and children from the opera village itself to Berlin. With content ranging from political movements to current events, the movies strive to clear up the western stereotypes and the post-hegemonic “Africa-narrative” and draw a contemporary image of Burkina Faso. The “mobile cinema” invites visitors from abc to take a moment of anti-monetary consumption of filmic contemporary art.

Operndorf Afrika’s “mobile cinema” will be on display Thursday through Sunday and the following movies will be shown:

Krankenstation in Christoph Schlingensiefs Operndorf Remdoogo
by Kathrin Krottenthaler

Christoph Schlingensiefs Opera Village “Remdoogo”
Camera: Gerard Flavien, Kagambega Mahamadi & Diallo Nemata
September / Oktober 2014

Cédric Ido,
Burkina Faso/Frankreich 2013, 31 min

François d´Assise Ouédraogo, Arzouma Mahamadou Dieni, Moumouni Sodré, Sébastian Godard
Burkina Faso/Belgien 2012 , 9 min

L´Or Blanc (White Gold)
Burkina Faso, Morocco 2010; 20 min
by Adama Salle