The beginning will also be the end. Abc’s performance program will open and close with the same artist at the same booth: Today at 12.30 pm, the young Canadian artist Michele di Menna will arrive with a box, unpack her stuff at Galerie Kamm’s (A05), and arrange her exhibition. Thus, her performance “The unpacking of _______.” will be the opening performance in more than one way.
When she will repack her stuff on Sunday at 6pm with “The repacking of ___________.”, many more performances will have seen the light at Station Berlin in Luckenwalder Straße. A gong, which is itself an artwork by Pae White (neugerriemschneider), will announce events. They will take place at the galleries’ booths, at the Miss Read book fair or on the „Upcoming Exhibitions“ stage in the entrance hall, where project spaces will present themselves in 2-hour-slots. The program is diverse: There will be a live-wiring to Burkina Faso at Christoph Schlingensief’s Operndorf installation (Andy Hope 1930, Anri Sala, Aino Laberenz), a talk with Martha Rosler, a dance performance by Alexandra Bachzetsis (in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer) and many more things to discover.
The focus that was put on the performance program is just one of the many details that distinguish abc from the usual fair format.