In the first of a series of entries to our journal, we walk you through some of the new works that you will see at this years abc from many of our international artists.

New York-based Ryan McGinley takes intimate photographs that celebrate the beauty of youth and freedom. His work portrays young people usually in American landscapes, where they run naked in fields of wildflowers, jump into deep water or climb in caves. The result is a surprisingly restrained, open-ended study portraiture.
New work this year comes from artists including: Nina Beier, Maria Eichorn, Annika Eriksson, Ryan McGinley, Jan Peter Hammer, Matthew Hale, Susanne Kriemann, Michele Di Menna, Michael Riedel, Robin Rhode, Ricarda Roggan, Julius Von Bismarck, Nina Cannell, Thea Djordjadze, Julieta Aranda and Thomas Zipp
Ryan McGinley Water Lilies, 2013
Courtesy of the artist and Bischoff Projects Frankfurt/M.