This year, many new galleries will be participating in abc for the first time. These new galleries include: Aanant & Zoo (Berlin); annex 14 (Zurich); Antenna Space (Shanghai); ASPN (Leipzig); Rod Barton (London); Brand New Gallery (Milan); Selma Feriani Gallery (London); Future Gallery (Berlin); Greene Exhibition (Los Angeles); Hunt Kastner (Prague); Ellis King (Dublin); Kisterem (Budapest); Leto (Warsaw); lokal_30 (Warsaw); Galerie Max Mayer (Düsseldorf); Miaumiau (Buenos Aires); Galerie Tobias Naehring (Leipzig); Neumeister Bar-Am (Berlin); Night Gallery (Los Angeles); Piktogram (Warschau); Revolver Galería (Peru); Deborah Schamoni (Munich); SlyZmud (Buenos Aires); Travesia Cuatro (Madrid); Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles); Upstream Gallery (Amsterdam).

Night Gallery - John Patrick Walsh III (JPW3)

miaumiau - Luciana Rondolini

Aanant & Zoo - Athanasios Argianas

Night Gallery – John Patrick Walsh III (JPW3)
Courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery, Los Angeles

miaumiau – Luciana Rondolini
Installation. Graphite on paper 2.70 x 8 m, Fruits and food packaging covered with plastic gems, 2014
Courtesy of the artist

Aanant & Zoo – Athanasios Argianas
Courtesy Athanasios Argianas and Aanant & Zoo