RRhode_Paries Pictus
Under the banner ‘Paries Pictus’, Robin Rhode, of South Africa, uses the walls of galleries and museums for site-specific interventions of drawings. In a private performance during the installation process, the artist directs children to use oversized crayons, created specifically for this project, to colour in geometric vinyl graphics applied directly to the walls by Rhode, turning the exhibition space into a life-size colouring book. The outlines are based on the shapes of the Bauhaus Bauspiel, designed by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher in 1924 for the children’s room in the model Bauhaus building ‘Haus am Horn’ in Weimar. Just like the Bauspiel, Rhode’s project embraces play as an educational device. At the same time, it asks broader questions about authorship, art and chance.
Robin Rhode
Paries Pictus – Colour in the Pictures
Installation view – Stevenson, Cape Town