This year we thought you might like to know a little bit more about some of the galleries who will be participating in abc. First up is LA’s Freedman Fitzpatrick who will be showing Hannah Weinberger. We caught up with Robbie Fitzpatrick this week.
This is your first time at abc – what are you looking forward to the most?
We moved to LA from Berlin at the end of last year, so in no particular order: new artist projects, gallery openings, Edd’s, friends and colleagues, Berghain.
Who and what are you going to be showing?
We’re presenting a new sound installation by Hannah Weinberger. She is composing individual ambient soundtracks for six large stones weighing 200-500 kg, hollowed out, and transformed into resonating speakers. Installed at the entrance and in the main hall, the emanating sound layers will merge with the noise of these high traffic areas to create a subtle, seemingly morphing soundtrack for visitors congregating in the vicinity. 
Why is this event important in your art calendar? What makes it interesting or special? 
We opened at the end of April, so abc is our first fair and our first solo presentation. It’s a bit of a home-coming and we’re ready to present what we’ve been up to. That abc is not a typical fair format also means that we’re getting to present the work in an non-traditional booth format, alongside many of the galleries whose vision has influenced how we are shaping our own program.