In the upcoming days, many galleries will start showing new exhibitions that will take place from now until August. Make sure to mark your calendar, while many gallery openings are taking place this weekend.


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Meyer Riegger | Paulo Nazareth





July 3 – August 1, 2015

Opening July 2, 6-9pm


In 2010 My Lonely Days Are Gone brought together ten contemporary artists – Caroline Kryzecki, Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, Claudia Comte, Friederike Feldmann, Matt Mullican, Christine Streuli, Tatjana Doll, and Lily van der Stokker – to explore the potential of a given physical space by creating wall works that commented on the role of abstraction. The second part of this exhibition continues to explore the connection between edge-to-edge images and the ready-made architectural set-up of space. These site-specific works place an emphasis on abstraction; considering the efficacy and potential of the practice of abstraction and its complex relation between its autonomy and interdependence with references in the world. As part of the exhibition’s temporary nature, all of the paintings will be painted over once the exhibition ends.




July 3 – August 8, 2015

Opening: July 2, 7-9pm


The artists, Wolfgang Betke, Tom Chamberlain, Sam Crabtree, Neil Gall, Christian Holstad, Nobert Kricke, Stefan Löffelhardt, Ernst Wilh are all featured in gallery Aurel Scheibler’s exhibition, SUMMERTIME, an assortment of paintings, sculptures and drawings.




“I Like to be Awaken…”

July 3 – August 22, 2015


William Crawford’s erotic drawings were found in an empty house in Oakland, California. He drew on the reverse side of the duty rosters of a California prison and often on damaged paper – it’s evident that he utilized whatever was available as a surface on which to receive his images. Originating in the 1990’s, the aesthetic of these sexual fantasies correspond to the ethos of gangster and pornographic films from the 1970’s and 1980’s. These erotic drawings are in masterly compositional arrangements – made from unusual perspectives – and play with both elaborate and only partially suggested picture fields. His drawings are not only pornographic, but also humorous and mysterious, showing a fascination with lust, debauchery and sexual gratification.




July 3 – July 31, 2015

Opening July 3, 5-9pm


Pornography is an increasingly pertinent subject for discussion, as this worldwide phenomenon has made an enormous impact on society – having effected change in sexual practice across society at large and greatly impacting contemporary relationships. As the distinction between erotic art and pornography has been long debated, western society has become increasingly liberal and the art world has been accustomed to pornographic material being use as a source for subject matter – raising the question of whether pornography can be classified as art. The exhibition brings together the artists: Armin Boehm, Birgit Brenner, Martin Eder, Amelie Grözinger, Philip Grözinger, Julia Holzberger, Lou Hoyer, Alex Lebus, Stu Mead, Andreas Mühe, Hanna Putz and Ulrike Theusner. The exhibition is diverse in medium and scale, from photography, drawing, painting, sound and collage.





July 4 – September 12, 2015


July 4 – September 19, 2015

Opening July 3, 7-9pm


This summer, Gallery Michael Müller will present two exhibitions by the German artist Michael Müller: Berührung which will be shown from July 4th until September 12th and Window Space: DIE WELT INTERESSIERT SICH NICHT FÜR DEN SINN on display from July 4th until September 19th. Müller – who is mostly known for his drawings – continuously broadens the methods of his artistic expression, combining works on paper with sculptural pieces in installation. His work often incorporates works by other artists, as Müller believes that art “is an ethical obligation in the social domain, for only after having read the observer, does its political character become evident”.




“ENERGY PANGEA + GOCH live Terbium Energy Catalyst / Solar Maximum / Hybrid Synergy Drive”

July 4 – August 1, 2015

Opening July 3, 7-10pm


Iain Ball’s ongoing project Rare Earth Sculptures (Energy Pangea, since 2011) will be displayed at Future Gallery, which includes new developments and manifestations of various sculptural systems as they adapt their morphology to changing and chaotic environmental factors. TERBIUM, 2015 – Ball’s latest project – is in collaboration with Macedonian Psytrance producer Goch and the digital label Quantum Natives, using sculpture as a vessel to connect Goch’s renowned Forest Psytrance sound with Terbium metals via vibration resonance. During the opening, Goch will play live in the gallery, creating an intense and experimental symbiosis with the sculptural environ.




July 4 – August 22, 2015

Opening July 4, 7pm


Chert’s summer exhibition will feature works by twenty artists who use ceramics and graphite in their practice. Accentuating the expressive physicality of the materials, the exhibition focuses on mark-making with solid gestures. Furthermore, it explores the kinetic immediacy of expression at the hand of a spiky pencil or malleable putty. In a digitalized and pixelated culture, ceramics and graphite stand as two humble materials that reckon the tacit labor involved in the crafting. These works adopt the language of their own production and the effort involved is evident in the workability of the medium: forming, deforming and reforming these two visceral, immediate materials. The artists featured are: Laura Aldridge, Felicia Atkinson, Peppi Bottrop, Lucy Coggle, Tommaso Corvi-Mora, Emilie Ding, Jérémie Gindre, Emma Hart, Hannah James, Klara Kayser, Marthe Krüger, Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, Lucie Mičíková, Diogo Pimentão, Vanessa Safavi, Erik Steinbrecher, Ignacio Uriarte, J. Parker Valentine and Renata Ward.




July 4 – July 31, 2015

Opening July 4, 3-6pm


This Saturday, Gallery Mehdi Chouakri will open its exhibition NOTYETSEENINBERLIN, coinciding with the book launch of Mount Moon Takes Basel by the French, conceptual artist Saâdane Afif. Further works will be present during the exhibition by Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury, Austrian artist Gerwald Rockenschaub, the Italian artists Salvo and Luca Trevisani, and the late artist Charlotte Posenenske.




“Genocide in Americas”

July 7 – August 8, 2015

Opening July 4, 6pm


In his video works, Paulo Nazareth addresses human tragedy and lucidly condenses action and thought, narratively outlining the various models of genocide that have disgraced the history of the Americas – specifically Brazil. His work enables our sense to perceive the solitude and excruciating violence of modern cities in a kind of protest that reverberates in the silence but echoes in our souls. It forces us to reflect on the logic of the appropriation of capital and moreover on an identity and culture that don’t belong to us. Nazareth also spans alarmingly inhuman statistics of murders of black, mixed race and indigenous people that have become routine in many countries in the Americas. The exhibition intends to have the viewers make contact with new perspectives, approaching the contemplative dimension in which Paulo has reconstituted in his oral and visual tradition.




“Rules for Illusions Part 2”

July 7 – August 1, 2015

Opening July 4, 2015


Gallery Isabella Bortolozzi will continue its exhibition with Italian artist Aldo Mondino by showing the second part of Rules for Illusions. As a versatile artist, Mondino is known for his creativity – complemented by his broad education – that led him to constant experimentation and his ironic approach to artistic production. The show features his sculptures and paintings from the 1960’s to 2004, the year before he died.




Curated by Matthew Higgs

July 7 – August 15, 2015

Preview: July 4, 6-9pm


Curated by Matthew Higgs and developed in collaboration with White Columns, New York, Gallery Tanya Leighton will present a series of drawing and paintings by Bill Lynch (1960-2013). The exhibition follows two recent and widely celebrated presentations of Lynch’s work, which were not widely known or exhibited during his lifetime. Reflected in his work, Lynch observed the everyday world around him – particularly the natural world – with an extraordinary degree of empathy. Lynch’s works shown at Tanya Leighton will include drawings of frogs and birds, observed from nature, in addition to a group of landscape an still-life paintings made on found wooden supports that Lunch would scavenge from the streets of lower Manhattan. The exhibition’s opening coincides with the gallery’s seven-year anniversary on Saturday July 4th from 6-9pm.




“Hinters Licht”

July 8 – August 1, 2015

Opening July 8, 5-9pm


Mirjam Völker’s paintings – which portray huts as wooden relics that have lost their protective capability – not only lead the audience up a path to an optical illusion, but also show us the world behind the light – the world of shadows. In this world of multiple horizons and blurred angles, space is distorted while time exceeds its prescribed limits. Völker’s works are colored acrylic paintings and coal-drawings, with rigorous compositions that are complemented by abstract shapes, which are stacked in various perspectives. While the structures in the drawings are realistic, the staged lighting produces strong shadows and transparencies: reflecting a world that is in the final preparations against an unknown threat.




“April is the Cruelest Month”

July 10 – September 5, 2015


Starting in mid-July, Galerija Gregor Podnar will present the exhibition April is the Curelest Month by polish artist Marzena Nowak. Nowak’s works are created from memory and imagination – residing somewhere in the tension between autobiographical reference points and poetically immersed dream worlds. Her sensitivity to everyday occurrences and the relation to her own physicality are also apparent in her works, which often represent the thematic departure points for her artistic practice.




July 11 – August 1, 2015

Opening July 10, 6-9pm


Croy Nielsen’s summer exhibition Hundstage will feature works by artists, Christiane Blattmann, Pruitt & Early, Anahita Razmi, Andreas Siekmann and Simon Speiser.