Special tours for children come courtesy of Ephra at abc this year and take place on Saturday and Sunday every hour from 1pm. Tours can be booked by contacting guides@artberlincontemporary.com or on site at abc. The artist Rebecca Raue is the founder of Ephra – Kinder in die Kunst. We asked her a few quick questions to see what is in store for our little abc visitors at abc 2013.
What will you be showing your young tour guests?
We will have a preselected tour of artworks that are especially attractive for children.
In a way we will establish a “childrens path” through abc, with some highlights, but always with our eyes open to see more…
How will your tours be different to those for adults, what do you point out in particular?
We focus on the experience – seeing an artwork confronts us with feelings and inspires us with ideas and it is the individual reception of an artwork that matters.
We will empower the kids to be experts of their own experience.
Anything you are looking forward to in particular this year at abc?
The performance slots that Maike Cruse invented will change the atmosphere at the abc.
We will be participating in a celebration of art and that is very exciting.
Portrait photo of Rebecca Raue by Katrin Greiling