One group of galleries to join the throngs of this year’s abc are a few from just East of Berlin: Eastern Europe, to be exact.


Lokal 30 - Natalia LL


Joining the 2014 edition of the abc will be Leto, presenting Angelika Markul, Lokal 30, presenting Zusanna Janin and Natalia LL, and Piktogram, presenting Cezary Poniatowski, from Warsaw, Poland; Svit, presenting Marek Meduna, Polansky, presenting Adam Holý and Vladimír Houdek, Hunt Kastner, presenting Jiří Thýn, from Prague, the Czech Republic; and Kisterem, presenting Little Warsaw, from Budapest, Hungary.



Natalia LL

Topology of the Body,

1967, photography

courtesy lokal_30 and the artist