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EYEOUT Blogger Residency – abc 2014 day one

It’s a bright and green Berlin sun out, and again, it starts with a joke. Two men are meeting in a public bathroom. You don’t say. Both men are grinning. “Are you showing,” one asks. “No,” the other replies. “Juuust loooooking”. Double grin. It’s 11am and they meet in the catacombs of abc art berlin contemporary, everyone gets it by now. One’s half naked and standing in front of the mirror in the all-in-black painted WC. Half of his body is covered in black paint as well. “What are you doing?” “I’m doing an act. (pause) For John Bock.” “When?” “Every twenty minutes.” Chuckle. “It starts at 12,” says a woman, coqAsian, wearing morning heels. She’s smearing more black on his back. “Where?” They burst it out at the same time: “C5.” Second chuckle. abc has subcategories. It’s not really funny, this joke. An exchange of implausible shyness. People, text messages, and emails are coming in, on airplanes and in black cars. abc, it sure works like spell.
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