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Artists 2014

BQ presents Friedrich Kunath for abc 2014. By the use of different media, such as drawing, printing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation, Friedrich Kunath explores the subject’s ambivalent existence between hope and failure, longing and boredom, enthusiasm and melancholy. The artists borrows his imagery from Mediaeval art and Romanticism, from cartoons and historical illustrated books, from pop culture, music and history, the artist creates bewildering cabinets of curiosities, often infused with subtle irony that avoids any sentimental pathos.

BQ - Friedrich Kunath

BQ – Friedrich Kunath

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Interview – Greene Exhibitions

One gallery joining abc for the first time this year is Greene Exhibitions from Los Angeles. We spoke to Keith J. Varadi, the Associate Director of the gallery, and asked him a few questions about their participation.

Greene Exhibitions - India Lawrence

Greene Exhibitions – India Lawrence

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