Image: Opening with Ohio (Glasgow), Credit Peter Lorenz
Don’t miss the „Upcoming Exhibitions“ at the entrance area of abc. “Upcoming Exhibitions” has been curated by Shanaynay (Paris) and projects come from the USA, Italy, France, Germany, England, Belgium and Mexico and range from exhibitions for fictive artists, performances, sculptural works or a play.
Born out of the necessity to develop a felicitous structure for exhibiting within its context, Upcoming Exhibitions allots each participating space two hours to inhabit and exhibit a project of their choosing, amounting to 14 exhibitions, one occurring every two hours within a single space situated near the entrance of abc.
“Upcoming Exhibtions” and the accompanying publication have been developed in collaboration with Red Bull.
The ongoing programme for “Upcoming Exhibitions” is as follows:
Treize, Paris – Friday 20.9.13 at 4pm
Works Sited, Los Angeles – Saturday 21.9.13 at 12pm
The Ister, Brussels – Saturday 21.9.13 at 2pm
Auto Italia South East, London – Saturday 21.9.13 at 4pm
Lulu, Mexico – Sunday 22.9.13 at 12pm
Peles Empire, London – Sunday 22.9.13 at 2pm
New Theater, Berlin – Sunday 22.9.13 at 4pm