abc art berlin contemporary has collaborated with participating galleries on an extensive program, featuring some 40 performances, sound works, film- and theater productions, as well as artist talks by and with artists including Awst & Walther, Marc Bijl, Juliette Blightman / Yael Salomonowitz, John Bock, Douglas Coupland, Brandan Fowler, Christian Jankowski, Anca Munteanu Rimnic and Daragh Reeves.

Anca Munteanu Rimnic

Ursu, 2013

hd video pal / c-prints

13:38 min / 80 x 100 cm

edition 3+1/

Courtesy of the artist and PSM, Berlin

The entire abc venue will become a stage: specially devised rooms in the large halls, the outdoor area, a stage (a project by Julian Göthe) and a small cinema will all play host to the program events. The entire program you will find HERE.