We’re looking forward to stumble into the installation of artist Marcel Frey (*1980), presented by Thomas Fischer gallery. Besides sculptures, casts and prints, Frey’s works involve common concrete tiles arranged on the floor, which might turn into fun obstacles on a crowded fair.
Marcel Frey’s artworks are based on found everyday objects, which were once omnipresent in middle-class households but are now mostly discredited as “bad taste”. The artist revives these ceramics, accessories or textiles by slightly re-arranging them or using them as models for casts and prints. The utensils remain vaguely familiar and might recall some personal memories of older people’s homes – but Frey’s installations reach a degree of abstraction that highlights the aesthetic quality of the objects. A simple side table thus becomes a sculpture, and takes part in a spatially complex and symbolically charged installation.
Frey not only blurs the border between the ordinary and the sphere of art. He also questions the limits of design – if not decision making in cultural production in general. The artist creates new sculptures out of the discarded formal disposition the objects initially offer. His prints and casts are complex studies of materiality. He then arranges the resulting artworks into an even denser exhibition context. The beauty of Frey’s oeuvre lies in his minimal intervention – the utility of the object disappears behind its artistic value, but the beholder’s relation to it becomes part of the work.
For this year’s abc, Marcel Frey will assemble a new installation. And we’re more than curious to see how it will cope with the new fairground exhibition design by Manuel Raeder – based on existing or recyclable structures.

by Niche Berlin