abc 2016 says Thank you

Dittrich & Schlechtriem | Simon Mullan

Dittrich & Schlechtriem | Simon Mullan


International professionals and art lovers alike liked the quality of the artistic positions at the 9th abc art berlin contemporary: around 30.000 visitors were drawn to the halls of Station Berlin by abc art berlin contemporary.
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A Piece of Warsaw in Berlin during abc

Dawid Radziszewski Gallery | Marcin Zarzeka
The Polish presence is strong at this year’s abc, with four noteworthy galleries from Warsaw showcasing artists’ positions. We’re taking a moment to explore what they have on display.

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OUTSET at abc

Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler | GCC

Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler | GCC

This year, OUTSET Germany initiates OUTSET abc fund to benefit a German museum, an acquisition fund gifting an exceptional art work presented at art berlin contemporary to a public collection.
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Interview with Erwin Wurm by Berlin Art Link

Erwin Wurm (c) Inge Prader
You could say that Erwin Wurm goes that extra mile to make people work. I mean, really work. At his recent Berlinische Galerie exhibition, the main hall buzzed with frenetic energy as crowds of people climbed onto plinths to perform Wurm’s ‘One Minute Sculptures’ (1995-present). These blur the boundaries between sculpture, object and performance. Following his instructive drawings, men, women and children lay down upon oranges, their bodies levitated by the globes of fruit; books were stiffly stacked between arms and legs in a desperate attempt not to let pages flutter to the ground; two people at a time burrowed inside a jumper, wool stretching at the seams as both heads popped out of the top, individuals reborn as Siamese twins. Hold for one minute, aaand release.

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Discover a variety of art exhibitions running during Berlin Art Week and abc using the app Exhibitionary to plan your visits.



Studio visit with Ariel Reichman by Berlin Art Link

Ariel Reichman | PSM
For a studio visit with a conceptual artist, the premise of ours with Ariel Reichman may sound underwhelming: a stark white room in Tel Aviv seen through the lens of a pixilated Skype video call. But as I realize Ariel is the type of artist I will learn more from listening to than following around a space, our discussion makes up for the restrictive setting. I am immediately whisked away by the ease with which he speaks about himself and his work, how he smoothly transitions from one thought to the next, picking up a new topic and running with it. Similarly, his process isn’t strict or structured; his studio can be anything from a neglected empty space for three months, to overflowing and chaotic.
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Interview with Maike Cruse

Maike Cruse (c) Wolfgang Stahr

Maike Cruse (c) Wolfgang Stahr

The director of abc and Gallery Weekend Berlin shares her experience of Berlin and its identity as an international art center, the specific qualities of the city reflected in the format of abc, and the upcoming highlights of abc 2016.
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Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016 | April 29 – May 1



This year’s edition of Gallery Weekend Berlin is coming closer. Presenting the work of emerging and established artists in conjunction with 54 Berlin galleries, the format was founded for galleries in order to draw attention to the gallery space as a site enabling artists to develop their art, while also highlighting the city of Berlin, with its high density of artists and gallerists living and working here.

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Booklaunch at Park Gleisdreieck

Open air celebration and booklaunch



Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-19 um 15.39.12


BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE will be flipping through books and sipping a cocktail that doesn’t exist by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, served in glasses by Exoterika. There will also be artistic interventions by Pedro Barateiro and Andreas Sell, and delicious quesadillas heated with BARRO & FUEGO.

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Talking Galleries at abc

Today Friday and tomorrow Saturday at 11 am morning, Talking Galleries will host their panel discussions at ‪‎abcn‬ in collaboration with Berlin Art Week. There is no cover charge for attending these first-rate talks and they will be in english at Hall 8.
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Kick off in Berlin’s galleries

o.t. Matthias Weischer | König Galerie

The Berlin participating galleries of abc are opening their own gallery doors for the public tonight. Between 6 and 9 pm, you will have the opportunity to view the exhibitions in their local gallery spaces. See the full list of participating galleries HERE.
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KubaParis recommends …


Trevor Shimizu at Evelyn Yard.

Animals, absurd sex scenes, banalities and popular media – Trevor Shimizu´s work ranges between large-scale scribbling and conceptual humour on canvas. In this way, the artist conceals and abstracts something that became a trivial routine: self-exposure.

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Tours for children at abc

IMG_0025 Kerim Seiler | Grieder Contemporary | Photo: Marco Funke

abc art berlin contemporary opens its doors to a younger audience in new and exciting ways. With the guided tours for children, kids are able to experience art in an entirely new way, confronting the artworks and addressing their individual experiences with them.
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Studio Visit: Berlin Art Link meets Björn Dahlem

Photo: Alexander Coggin

Photo: Alexander Coggin

In an unexpected turn of events, two days after our studio visit with architect Arno Brandlhuber, we had the occasion to visit one of his much lauded built projects: the so-called ‚Anti-Villa‘ on the shores of Krampnitzsee in Potsdam. The multi-purpose concrete complex fittingly houses the studio of artist and sculptor Björn Dahlem.
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Save your ticket for abc 2015

Just one week to go – from 17–20 September the eighth edition of abc art berlin contemporary takes place in the halls of Station Berlin at Gleisdreieck. Save your ticket now in the online shop HERE.
Photo: Marco Funke

Artists 2015 – Katinka Bock

Meyer Riegger | Katinka Bock

Meyer Riegger | Katinka Bock

Meyer Riegger presents for the duration of abc 2015 an installation including partially new works by Katinka Bock. For her sculptures and installations, the artist employs primarily materials such as stone, clay, sand, chalk or metal. She also makes use objets trouvés, which she minimally manipulates.
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Artists 2015 – Axel Loytved

Dorothea Schlueter | Axel Loytved

Dorothea Schlueter | Axel Loytved

Axel Loytved has an effectively succinct (lapidar) way of working. Like throwing a stone (lapis) into a pond:
A subtle movement from the shoulder, a short splash, circular ripples, the stone has sunk. Now you can pick up another stone, or leave it alone.
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Artists 2015 – Max Schaffer

Aanant & Zoo | Max Schaffer

Aanant & Zoo | Max Schaffer

Max Schaffer’s work reflects the conditions of its production and presentation in a multilayered fashion. It plays with contrasts, which coalesce in the diversity of content and material he employs.

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Artists 2015 – Marcelo Viquez

KEWENIG | Marcelo Viquez

KEWENIG | Marcelo Viquez


All part of a conceptual felony, „men defending men“, something that we can gather in our time, under the symbolic umbrella of the „UN“, those famous Blue Helmets or Blue Berets.
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abc gallery night

Kick-off of the eighth edition of abc art berlin contemporary will occur during the abc gallery night. Prior to abc, the participating Berlin galleries will open their exhibitions on September 16, from 6 – 9 pm and invite collectors, curators and art enthusiasts into their spaces.

KOW | Mario Pfeiffer

KOW | Mario Pfeifer | Photo: Marco Funke

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Programm 2015

Der Countdown läuft. In vier Wochen eröffnet die abc art berlin contemporary zum mittlerweile achten Mal ihre Türen in der Station Berlin am Gleisdreieck. Über 100 Galerien aus mehr als 17 Ländern zeigen Einzelpositionen zeitgenössischer Kunst, von etablierten Künstlerinnen und Künstlern und aufstrebenden Newcomern. Zusätzlich gibt es rund um die abc ein hochkarätiges Begleitprogramm. Save the date.

Photo: Marco Funke
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Hello Summer, Hello Berlin, Hello Art

In the upcoming days, many galleries will start showing new exhibitions that will take place from now until August. Make sure to mark your calendar, while many gallery openings are taking place this weekend.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-02 um 4.47.01 PM

Meyer Riegger | Paulo Nazareth

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This week in Berlin


Summer exhibitions are beginning to pop-up around the city. Starting this weekend, several galleries will have their openings, bringing exciting and highly international works here to Berlin.

Aurel Scheibler | Erich Reusch | Ohne Titel / Untitled, 2015


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This week in Berlin

Now that summer 2015 is finally here, that means abc is just around the corner. Although abc doesn’t commence until the 17th of September, there are plenty of new and exciting exhibitions throughout Berlin to check out in the meantime.


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Coming up: Gallery Weekend Berlin May 1-3, 2015

Once again, the national and international art world is getting ready for the eleventh year of Gallery Weekend Berlin. On the first weekend of May, 47 of Berlin’s leading galleries – most of which you know from abc 2014 – will open their doors with new exhibitions showcasing established as well as emerging artists.

Galerie NEU Photo: Marco Funke

Galerie NEU
Photo: Marco Funke

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abc is pleased to announce that its eighth edition will be taking place from September 17 to 20 at Station Berlin, Gleisdreieck. Around 100 national and international galleries will present individual positions and curated projects, both indoors and outdoors.
[/caption] Installation View - Photo: Marco Funke Installation View Christian Jankowski, series „Visitors“ – Photo: Marco Funke

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09. – 15. Januar | Eröffnungen in Berlin

Robert Rehfeldt, mail art from Paulo Bruscky’s home archive
„20+2 YEARS“
15 January – 15 February 2015
Opening 15 January 2015, 3 – 9 pm
An exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of ARNDT Berlin. Participating artist: Jumaldi Alfi, Stephan Balkenhol, Joseph Beuys, Erik Bulatov, Jonas Burgert, Sophie Calle, Jigger Cruz, Jules de Balincourt, Wim Delvoye, Gilbert & George, Thomas Hirschhorn, Geraldine Javier, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Jitish Kallat, Douglas Kolk, David LaChapelle, Heinz Mack, Rudi Mantofani, Robert Maplethorpe, Vik Muniz, Eko Nugroho, Mike Parr, Qui Zhijie, Norberto Pewee Roldan, Julian Rosefeldt, Chiharu Shiota, Nedko Solakov, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo, Agus Suwage, Rodel Tapaya, Miroslav Tichý, Natee Utarit, Entang Wiharso, Yang Jiechang.

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5. – 11. Dezember | Eröffnungen in Berlin

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-05 um 12.31.57 PM
Hannah Höch, Ertüchtigung, 1925
Aurel Scheibler | book launch and opening
„Zwischen Dix und Mueller“
9 December 2014, 6.30 – 9 pm
With a selection of works by:Marcel Breuer, Lovis Corinth, Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmüller, Carl Grossberg, George Grosz, Erich Heckel, Hannah Höch, Joachim Karsch, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Carlo Mense, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, Christian Rohlfs, Josef Scharl, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
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21 – 27 November | Eröffnungen in Berlin

Brent Wadden, Alignment series, 2014, Courtesy the artist and Peres Projects, Berlin

Aanant & Zoo | Max Schaffer
„The Tourists“
22 November 2014 – 7 February 2015
Opening 21 November 2014, 7 – 9 pm
In „The Tourists“, Max Schaffer approaches the notion of authenticity as a multi-layered projection and engages in a nuanced enquiry into the relationship between authorship, identity, representation and presentation.
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14 – 20 November | Eröffnungen in Berlin

ARR 22-00 Foto: VW (VeneKlasen/Werner)| Lucas Arruda, Untitled, 2014
Galerie Guido W. Baudach | Yves Scherer
15 November 2014 – 10 January 2015
Opening 14 November 2014, 6 p.m.

Taking its title from the British celebrity magazine of the same name with „the latest gossip and stories about real people“ the exhibition combines new work in an immersive installation covering both the physical gallery space and its virtual environment: Scherer has taken over the gallery’s website for the duration of the exhibition and turned it into an archive of high-resolution images showing the actress Emma Watson in her leisure time.
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7 – 13 November | Eröffnungen in Berlin

StephenWillats_InstallationView_4 Foto: Stephen Willats, Berlin Local, 2014, Installation View MD72, Photo: Stefan Korte
Buchmann Box | Raffi Kalenderian
7 November 2014 — 17 Januar 2015
The Buchmann Galerie presents the second solo exhibition of works by Raffi Kalenderian. This new exhibition will be focusing on the artist’s drawings. Raffi Kalenderian repeatedly creates in his drawings an atmosphere of isolation and introspection, where his figures seem to be in a state of extreme concentration.
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artnet on abc 2014

The 2014 edition of Art Berlin Contemporary closed on Sunday following a four-day run, which many gallerists were quick to report was its most successful yet. Visitor numbers were on par with 2013, at 28,000, but sales appeared to be up. That is, at least by the weekend’s close.


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This year’s edition of abc was made possible by the support of it’s many sponsors. MINI, in particular, had an important role in the abc, both in terms of practicality and art.
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abc 2014 – Thank you

Heute ging die 7. abc art berlin contemporary zu Ende. Die diesjährige Ausgabe wurde von den rund 28.000 Besuchern – darunter nationale und internationale Sammler, Kuratoren, Künstler und Vertreter der Museen und Kunstinstitutionen – sehr positiv bewertet. Als Schaubühne für aktuelle Kunst begeisterte abc die Besucher unter anderem mit Großinstallationen, interaktiven Beiträgen und performativer Kunst. Gute Resonanz brachte die offene und übersichtliche Struktur und die großzügigen Flächen je Position, die besonders den raumgreifenden Exponaten zugute kam. Das Programm, das sich sowohl auf der Bühne, im Kino und in den Hallen wiederspiegelte, fand großes Interesse.
Großer Dank gilt all den Sponsoren und Partnern: MINI, artek, Aesop, Pommery, Artbutler, Zarges, rebeam, reusecity; den Medienpartner Afterall, ArtReview, Art in America, Eikon, Flash Art, frieze d/e, Kaleidoscope, Monopol, Mousse, Spike, springerin, Texte zur Kunst, Weltkunst, artnet, FluxFm, sowie den Contributors Berlin Art Link, Bpigs, Do you read me?!, Index und Niche.
Photo: Marco Funke

EYEOUT Blogger Residency – abc 2014

As it happens so often, there’s is an epilogue to yesterday, a long last night out. Frieze magazine threw one hell of a bash. Or did we? What do these feet level? Trembling on the dance floor. Anyways. There’s the idea that something like a commercial art fair – which is a marketplace as well as a social mixer – maybe is like our modern day forum. This is probably rubbish and I wouldn’t be able to claim this.
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abc 2014 – Editions presented by INDEX

At the „Editions Show“ will be shown a series of annual issues of publishers and art associations selected by INDEX. Among the selection will be both original copies and editions of the publications. The exhibition will show a range of artworks in all sorts of media from various artists, including, for example, Katinka Bock (Bonner Kunstverein), Isa Genzken (Monopol Magazin), Jeremy Shaw (INDEXEditions), Andreas Slominski (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Awst & Walther (Distanz Verlag), Gabriel Kuri (Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster) and many more.

Please find the full list here.

Situated between hall a and hall b at abc.


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EYEOUT Blogger Residency – abc 2014 day one

It’s a bright and green Berlin sun out, and again, it starts with a joke. Two men are meeting in a public bathroom. You don’t say. Both men are grinning. “Are you showing,” one asks. “No,” the other replies. “Juuust loooooking”. Double grin. It’s 11am and they meet in the catacombs of abc art berlin contemporary, everyone gets it by now. One’s half naked and standing in front of the mirror in the all-in-black painted WC. Half of his body is covered in black paint as well. “What are you doing?” “I’m doing an act. (pause) For John Bock.” “When?” “Every twenty minutes.” Chuckle. “It starts at 12,” says a woman, coqAsian, wearing morning heels. She’s smearing more black on his back. “Where?” They burst it out at the same time: “C5.” Second chuckle. abc has subcategories. It’s not really funny, this joke. An exchange of implausible shyness. People, text messages, and emails are coming in, on airplanes and in black cars. abc, it sure works like spell.
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abc store

A great deal of what makes abc art berlin contemporary so interesting are the creative new projects that it introduces to the world. This year, abc’s concept store makes some of those intriguing projects even more accessible.
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Niche Berlin recommends Spiros Hadjidjanos

Spiros Hadjidjanos is one of those artists who manage to permanently work around the same themes, without ever failing to present them in innovative formats. In his case, it is digital media and its different manifestations. And so, for this year’s abc, his gallery with the meaningful name Future Gallery will be showing a network sculpture, 3D prints, a transparent futuristic video screen and a computer keyboard sculpture.

DSC_3304 copy SW_cropped
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artnet recommends…

abc art berlin contemporary kicked off its seventh edition in the German capital on Thursday. The fair’s 2014 outing is its second under the direction of former Art Basel communications director Maike Cruse and the fourth year it has stood alone as Berlin’s single major fall art event, the city’s Art Forum having been canceled after its 2010 edition.
See here the 20 best booth at abc, recommended by artnet.

Text by Alexander Forbes.


Esther Schipper – Daniel Steegmann Mangrane

Start for abc 2014

After weeks of anticipation, the day has finally arrived. Today marks the official opening of this year’s abc art berlin contemporary exhibition. The opening celebration begins at 4pm and will continue to 9pm, with a BBQ prepared by Grill Royal staying open until late. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the festivities, and be one of the first to explore the works of the many artists represented at the abc.

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Berlin Art Link – Studio Visit at Awst & Walther

With their reminiscent name of a merchant firm from the beginning of the industrial age, Awst & Walther refers to the very much contemporary husband and wife team Manon Awst and Benjamin Walther, who produce ideas, events and environments. The couple’s works are both spatial and transparently spectacular, mixing theory and critique with the tangible. The studio on the first floor in Wedding has the pleasantly confusing feel of a small shop, a summer cottage with its scattering of books and coffee in glasses, or an artisan studio with neat stacks of modeling materials and technical drafts for projects on the walls.

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abc Gallery Nights

Today (September 17) and Friday (September 19), the 55 participating Berlin galleries will host openings with shows by artists such as Ai Weiwei, Mike Bouchet, Fernando Bryce, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Thomas Demand, Elger Esser, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Helen Marten, Julie Mehretu, Thomas Scheibitz, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Timm Ulrichs, Corinne Wasmuth and Thomas Zipp as part of the abc Gallery Nights. See the entire abc Gallery Nights program here
Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-17 um 12.28.31 PM

Martin Disler | Buchmann Galerie | Mehdi Chouakri
Ohne Titel, 1989
Acryl, Öl und Spray auf Leinwand
250 x 252 c


Niche Berlin recommends Zvi Hecker

It is not very often that you will hear an architect speak about destruction and the instability of our world. Zvi Hecker does so, in a very poetic kind of way. At this year’s abc, the galleries Neumeister Bar-Am and Nordenhake will be showing an object by Hecker that will most likely astonish you: A cave-like installation, a shelter, but without walls and nonetheless with paleolithic cave paintings, found online, pixelated and enlarged. We cannot really decide if the title “IF WE ARE LUCKY” is an optimistic one.
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Bpigs – pre-interview with Ingo Mittelstaedt

For its last pre-interview, abc’s contributor bpigs managed to crash the artist Ingo Mittelstaedt’s installation at Galerie koal to capture few words while he prepares for the battle.
Ingo Mittelstaedt is not a mediocre photographer. His concern with the aesthetics of display and the re-interpretation of the photographic process creates in his work a wonderful dialogue between what we see and how we see it. Let’s hear what he has been up to…
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Program for the little ones

abc art berlin contemporary opens its doors to a younger audience in new and exciting ways. With the guided tours for children, kids are able to experience art in an entirely new way, confronting the artworks and addressing their individual experiences with them.


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Artists 2014 – Alex Hubbard

At this year’s abc, Galerie Neu will show an installation by the American artist Alex Hubbard. His work The Chess Club 2, 2013 is based on a series of transport and museum crates transformed into a mobile bar.
Galerie NEU - Alex Hubbard
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Niche Berlin recommends Yorgos Sapountzis

Yorgos Sapountzis’ installation for Galerie Barbara Gross will invite you to sit at a large round dinner table. Instead of fancy food servings, he will have dished up the remains of a performance he did last year in Bristol: Between shreds of fabric and sheets of aluminum, plaster casts of sculptures in Bristol’s public space will pair up with sealed jars of pickled vegetables. Oh yeah?
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Bpigs – pre-interview with Martin Eder

Bpigs highlights artists and their work in progress just before their openings. An inside look into the studio practice and many other irrelevant thoughts that go through an artists mind before their proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Artist-to-artist, Berliner-to-Berliner, these are their stories. We caught up with Martin Eder in his studio while preparing for his upcoming exhibition with Galerie Eigen + Art. Martin Eder’s paintings must be seen to be undestood. They are elegantly executed oil paintings, that contain motifs and subject matter that can irritate as much as they satiate. Let’s hear what he had to say….
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Come dine with us at abc

P & T will once again be taking part in this year’s abc with both a tea bar and mobile tea wagon, supplying gallerists and visitors with fine tea throughout the fair.
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Artists 2014 – Douglas Coupland

For a decade, Canadian artist Douglas Coupland’s works have explored the delicate lines between beauty, toxicity and defacement. For this year’s abc, Daniel Faria Gallery is presenting “Optimism vs. Pessimism”, in which Coupland presents two versions of Earth in the form of globes: one soiled beyond recognition with a black, oil-like liquid; the other covered with gestural bursts of candy-coloured paint poured over the North Pacific Trash Gyre.

Daniel Faria Gallery - Douglas Coupland
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Artists 2014 – Christian Jankowski

Waterproof Test and Wow, two works from German artist Christian Jankowski, will be presented by Lisson Gallery at the abc. Waterproof Test is comprised of a series of photographs, which document bottles tested in the East River, which flows through New York to the Atlantic Ocean. The bottles, however, never reach the open water of the ocean, as they are only placed in the river briefly to test their water resistance.
Lisson Gallery - Christian Jankwoski
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Guided Tours by NICHE

Do you want a guided tour through abc? No problem – NICHE Berlin guides will guide you through the halls. We asked them some questions, about what they are and what to expect from Niche at abc art berlin contemporary. Guided tours will be available daily (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at 1, 3 and 5 pm. Booking via
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Für die Architektur der abc zeigt sich Manuel Raeder verantwortlich. Er setzt sich kritisch mit temporärer Messe-Architektur auseinander; sein Konzept basiert auf bereits existierenden, wiederverwertbaren Strukturen, die kombiniert mit einem eigens entwickelten Display-System einen ökonomischen Rahmen bieten. Durch Unterstützung eines senatsgeförderten Recycling-Projektes werden die Verbrauchsstoffe wie Holz, Plastik, Metall und Glas zu 90 Prozent wieder in die Wertstoffkette zurückgeführt.

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Program 2014

abc art berlin contemporary has collaborated with participating galleries on an extensive program, featuring some 40 performances, sound works, film- and theater productions, as well as artist talks by and with artists including Awst & Walther, Marc Bijl, Juliette Blightman / Yael Salomonowitz, John Bock, Douglas Coupland, Brandan Fowler, Christian Jankowski, Anca Munteanu Rimnic and Daragh Reeves.

Anca Munteanu Rimnic

Ursu, 2013

hd video pal / c-prints

13:38 min / 80 x 100 cm

edition 3+1/

Courtesy of the artist and PSM, Berlin

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Bpigs – pre-interview with Sinta Werner

Bpigs highlights artists and their work in progress just before their openings. An inside look into the studio practice and many other irrelevant thoughts that go through an artists mind before their proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Artist-to-artist, Berliner-to-Berliner, these are their stories. Revving up for art berlin contemporary, Sinta Werner found time for us to visit her studio while she prepares her work for the alexander levy booth at the abc.
Studio view
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Artists 2014 – Little Warsaw

Little Warsaw – the two Hungarian artists András Gálik and Bálint Havas, based in Budapest, adopted the pseudonym in 1999 and started creating joint projects. For abc Budapest’s Kisterem Gallery is presenting Naming You, an exhibition of Little Warsaw.


Kisterem - Little Warsaw


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Galleries 2014

One group of galleries to join the throngs of this year’s abc are a few from just East of Berlin: Eastern Europe, to be exact.

Lokal 30 - Natalia LL
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Editions presented by INDEX

At the „Editions Show“ will be shown a series of annual issues of publishers and art associations selected by INDEX. Among the selection will be both original copies and editions of the publications. The exhibition will show a range of artworks in all sorts of media from various artists, including, for example, Katinka Bock (Bonner Kunstverein), Isa Genzken (Monopol Magazin), Jeremy Shaw (INDEXEditions), Andreas Slominski (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Awst & Walther (Distanz Verlag), Gabriel Kuri (Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster) and many more.
Please find the full list HERE.



Texte zur Kunst
Alex Hubbard
„Letter Phase 66–67“, 2008/2011

Artists 2014 – Judith Hopf

Munich based gallery Deborah Schamoni presents Judith Hopf’s exhibition, „end rhymes and openings“. Within her use of art as an autonomous space, the artist creates circumstances in which to dance.
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Artists 2014 – Camille Henrot

The Gallery Johann König presents for abc 2014 Camille Henrot. Camille Henrot’s „Desktop Series“ refers to the current use to the Computer desktop as a universal space of creation while reflecting on the loss of materiality through small bronze sculptures.
Interacting with the context of the desktop, or workspace, each sculpture refers to states of beginnings and creation. As small objects containing a world of ideas, the sculptures counter-balance the immaterial state of computer desktops through their weight and materiality.

Johann König - Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot
Yet untitled, 2014
bronze, tag, 28 x 32 x 30 cm; 11 x 12 2/3 x 11 3/4 in 8 + 4AP
© ADAGP Camille Henrot. Courtesy the artist, Johann König, Berlin
Photo: Roman März

Galleries 2014

Many galleries from South America will be participating in abc this year. Among these galleries are: Miaumiau from Buenos Aires, Argentina, presenting Luciana Rondolini; SlyZmud from Buenos Aires, Argentina, presenting Miguel Mitlag; and A Gentil Carioca from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, presenting João Modé.
A Gentil Carioca - João Modé

João Modé
Galaxy, 2014
semi precious stones, fish, water, paper, copper wire.
Courtesey João Modé

Artists 2014

For abc art berlin contemporary 2014, Upstream Gallery (Amsterdam) presents Mark Bijl. He will be showing a new sculpture form his PORN-series, executed in Corten steel and with the flatness of the Hollywood sign.

Upstream Gallery - Marc Bijl
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Artists 2014

BQ presents Friedrich Kunath for abc 2014. By the use of different media, such as drawing, printing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation, Friedrich Kunath explores the subject’s ambivalent existence between hope and failure, longing and boredom, enthusiasm and melancholy. The artists borrows his imagery from Mediaeval art and Romanticism, from cartoons and historical illustrated books, from pop culture, music and history, the artist creates bewildering cabinets of curiosities, often infused with subtle irony that avoids any sentimental pathos.  



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Interview – Greene Exhibitions

One gallery joining abc for the first time this year is Greene Exhibitions from Los Angeles. We spoke to Keith J. Varadi, the Associate Director of the gallery, and asked him a few questions about their participation.


Greene Exhibitions - India Lawrence


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New Galleries 2014

This year, many new galleries will be participating in abc for the first time. These new galleries include: Aanant & Zoo (Berlin); annex 14 (Zurich); Antenna Space (Shanghai); ASPN (Leipzig); Rod Barton (London); Brand New Gallery (Milan); Selma Feriani Gallery (London); Future Gallery (Berlin); Greene Exhibition (Los Angeles); Hunt Kastner (Prague); Ellis King (Dublin); Kisterem (Budapest); Leto (Warsaw); lokal_30 (Warsaw); Galerie Max Mayer (Düsseldorf); Miaumiau (Buenos Aires); Galerie Tobias Naehring (Leipzig); Neumeister Bar-Am (Berlin); Night Gallery (Los Angeles); Piktogram (Warschau); Revolver Galería (Peru); Deborah Schamoni (Munich); SlyZmud (Buenos Aires); Travesia Cuatro (Madrid); Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles); Upstream Gallery (Amsterdam).

Night Gallery - John Patrick Walsh III (JPW3)
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Call for Bloggers – Residency during abc art berlin contemporary

abc art berlin contemporary and EYEOUT are happy to announce an opening for a blogger residency during this year’s abc. We are looking for a writer who would like to report from abc, which will be taking place from 18 to 21 September 2014. You will be writing one post per day of the residency, to be published both on the abc online journal and EYEOUT’s blog. The winning applicant will be provided accommodations from 17–20 September at the stylish Hotel AMANO and will receive VIP status for access to the art fair and all related events.
Sound interesting? Send us an email to and tell us why you think you are the right person for the job. Application deadline: 1 September

Opening 2012 © Stefan Korte

Opening 2012 © Stefan Korte


Erstmalig eröffnen die teilnehmenden Berliner Galerien ihre Ausstellungen während der abc GALLERY NIGHTS.
Am Mittwoch, 17. September haben die Galerien in Mitte und Kreuzberg und am Freitag, 19. September die Galerien in Schöneberg und Charlottenburg jeweils von 19 – 22 Uhr geöffnet.
Das vollständige abc GALLERY NIGHTS Programm ist hier nachzulesen.


Opening 2013 - © Stefan Korte

Opening 2013 – © Stefan Korte

abc 2014

Mit rund 110 Positionen zeitgenössischer Kunst und einem umfangreichen Programm präsentiert sich die abc art berlin contemporary vom 18. – 21. September in den Hallen der Station am Gleisdreick. Zahlreiche Galerien – darunter junge als auch etablierte, nationale und internationale aus Südamerika, Nordamerika und Asien – zeigen neue und erstmalig zu sehende Arbeiten. Die Ausstellung wird ergänzt durch ein gemeinsam mit den Galerien entwickeltes Programm aus Performances, Künstlergespräche, Soundarbeiten sowie Film- und Theaterproduktionen.
© Stefan Korte
Eröffnung © Stefan Korte
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10 years Gallery Weekend Berlin

Discover art in gallery spaces, explore a diversity of architectures, gain insight into the contexts of art production—with 50 participating galleries, abc’s older sister Gallery Weekend Berlin makes for an exquisite art experience. Reflecting the city’s multifaceted art scene, Gallery Weekend Berlin will celebrate its tenth anniversary on May 2–4 2014 with the participation of the following galleries and artists:
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abc art berlin contemporary: 2013 – we report back

Image by Stefan Korte
What a weekend we have had. abc art berlin contemporary this year hosted a record number of 28,000 visitors to Station Berlin for the sixth edition of the four day event. Curators, collectors and members of the art world from across the Globe were in attendance. They saw work from over 130 international galleries who showed 120 unique positions of work; over 80 of which were new. The rich variety and quality of the work also was reflected in the number of sales.
We spoke to some of the galleries about their weekend here in Berlin:
„abc is a real show, an opportunity for artists to take risks and exhibit challenging projects to a wider audience, a chance for galleries to make statements and position their programs. All this added to the generosity and openness of the local galleries and the strong and fresh content that one can only find in Berlin, makes the experience a very special one.“ Felipe Dmab, Mendes Wood, São Paulo
“It is our first time at abc and it was extremely dynamic with a strong emphasis on curatorial projects. It lived up to our expectations. We met collectors, curators and gallerists from around the world and we have built strong relationships. We look forward to the 2014 edition.“ Daniel Faria, Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto
“It is our third time here and every year it gets more professional. Everyone is enjoying themselves and the format gets better and better. We have our roots in Berlin, so it is important to be here.“ Matthias Von Stenglin, Raebervonstenglin, Zurich
“It is a great pleasure to be back at abc after 3 years. The idea to be in abc is not another art fair but rather a special art fair with it’s own concept.“ Marcio Botner, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro
Berlin is an important point of reference for many of our artists, and the city has a unique ecosystem of institutions, artists, critics and galleries. For us, participating in abc is a way to temporarily become part of that ecosystem. This year we’ve continued and rekindled conversations with a number of supporters of our program so we consider our participation a real success.“ Joost Bosland, Stevenson, Cape Town
abc 2014 will take place from 18 – 21 September. Save the date and see you next year!
The abc Team

EYEOUT Blogger Residency – Time and Site Specific Encounter

Julia Hartmann
As the days go by, so does the artistic program of abc. Performances and time and sound based artworks can thus be looked at in retrospect. At a fair that is focused on artistic practices and an in depth representation of solo positions, I was interested in finding out about those works that were specifically produced for the fair, those that are time based, site specific, spontaneous and ephemeral and those that are best experienced individually.
Paula Doepfner at Galerie Tanja Wagner. Photo: Julia Hartmann
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EYEOUT Blogger Residency – Surface and Depth pt. 2 / Other Positions

Joseph Fuller
Having reflected on certain works both from within the steady blur of the opening day and with a little more clarity and focus yesterday, it seems necessary to assume another position, somewhere up and away from or aside from the works. It might be rewarding (might be) to write with a view to saying something that could hold at once the results of an attempt to look properly at individual works, what it is that such a mode of looking might actually be offering and also to consider things from a wider angle that could encompass and locate the problems that arise with such an attempt that are specific to abc’s format.
Photo: Joseph Fuller

It is not exactly naïve to attempt to spend meaningful time with the works in any particular art fair, but it seems fair to describe it as hopeful at best. After all, in truth, it is never really what is being asked of you. What is seen in a fair is pretty much a display of signs that point to an artist’s work as it exists somewhere other than where you are currently standing. But everyone knows this and it is not really a problem: it serves a function for those who need it.

However, as it is repeatedly described and fairly so, abc is a little bit different. Not a whole lot but enough to affect the mode of looking at work whilst you are there. There are a few factors that lead to this: the scale of the venue, the single artist format, the lack of observable VIP distinctions, the absence of repetitive walls; and at the risk of repeating what is apparently obvious, there is a definite sense of collective attention as a result of this intimacy.
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EYEOUT Blogger Residency – International Encounters

Julia Hartmann
Berlin’s weather has provided abc with the perfect conditions to long for a dry place for spending one’s day with art. Day two is again loaded with an overabundant artistic program; nevertheless I decided to dive into the international representations of the fair. Being it galleries, artists or publishers, I went for a hunt to find some exciting positions outside the European context, wanting to know their expectations of abc.
Adriano Costa_Mendes Wood 2
Adriano Costa at Mendes Wood. Photo EYEOUT
My first encounter was with Qi Li, one of the editors of LEAP, a bimonthly Chinese-English publication that covers Chinese contemporary art as well as stories from the global art world. It is their first time of representing the magazine in Berlin, Qi Li tells me, as they have been concentrating their visibility mostly on fairs like Frieze, Art Basel and those in Asia so far. This year, however, their endeavor of getting recognized in Berlin starts with abc, where they hope to get some feedback from the diverse and local art crowd. “Abc is in a way different to Frieze, for instance, because of its focus on local galleries. In London or Hong Kong people know about Chinese art, but here the visitors rather come to see what is happening in Germany.” Nevertheless, LEAP is getting attraction and publicity that might lead to sustainability in Germany, as Qi Li hopes. Another goal is to connect the Chinese readership with what is happening in Berlin and expand the focus on reporting on the international art world. So in a way Qi Li is also on a mission to bring some of Berlin’s artistic spirit to China.
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EYEOUT Blogger Residency – abc. First Encounter

Julia Hartmann

Chisa & Tkacova at ROTWAND. Courtesy Rotwand Zurich

Promised to become the art event of the fall, Berlin Art Week has kicked off with a typically hip streetparty at Auguststrasse this Tuesday. Following up on the promise, the week will carry on with a massive art program spanning from four major painting exhibitions, gallery openings, artist talks, performances, art fairs, parties, to whatever will pop up out of the artists’ creative minds. The stakes thus are high, as Berlin’s art scene is not only catering to a manageable art circuit but to a whole city of art enthusiasts. And for me – as an expat to the city – this wide-ranging interest in all kinds of culture is something that I really appreciate about Berlin.
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do you read me?! – presents: Clive Phillpot: Booktrek

Clive Phillpot: Booktrek Text in English € 20,00
Clive Phillpot was a librarian at Chelsea School of Art in London before he became Director of the Library at the MoMA in New York in 1977. Being the initiator of the Artists‘ Book section at Basel art fair, he collaborated with Printed Matter and Franklin Furnace, and works as a London-based freelancer today. Phillpot is a key figure in mapping out the field of artists‘ books from an institutional point of view, and Booktrek is a collection of some of his essays written between 1972 and 2010. Assembled are texts and ideas on books by Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner, Richard Long, Daniel Buren, Dieter Roth and many many others, as well as his thoughts about the development and reputation of the medium as such over the years. Phillpot finely fillets differences in the approach and use of books by different artists on both sides of the Atlantic. His „fruit salad“ chart visually defines the much-discussed term “ artist book “ on yet another level and reveals once more Phillpots deep involvement with the subject.

EYEOUT Blogger Residency – Surface and Depth

Joseph Fuller

Returning for the second day at abc, there is something like a coming-into-focus and a sense of things becoming a little clearer. Given time to adjust to the particular feel of the venue, certain works begin to emerge requiring a softer, more deliberate type of looking.

Andrew Kerr at BQ, The Modern Institute. Photo: Joseph Fuller

Andrew Kerr’s paintings, shown by BQ, Berlin and The Modern Institute, Glasgow, displayed on both the white walls and the wooden supports of the temporary structure, feel enjoyably quick and provisional whilst dramatising the specific form of the painterly study, with their small, muddy compositions stapled and photocopied, almost as if the decisions concerning what to do next are still being considered.

Andrew Kerr at BQ, The Modern Institute. Photo: Joseph Fuller

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Bpigs – abc-ircus

Despina Stokou
And action!
First thing I did on the fair was a step back, fretting from the crazy whip lady, one of the many shows/actions to be set up and taken down in the course of 2 hours in the Upcoming Exhibitions section right by the entrance.
Is she performing a Julius von Bismarck?
What I thought was as incidental as unfortunate, actually gave the tone for the whole abc experience. More of a festival then a fair maybe, this year’s abc is definitely an experience, and this in the most literal sense of the word. +20 for the creative presentations of the galleries. They really spared no trouble! Walking with me Anna Russ from Berlinartlink seems to be on some kind of art high. And it is true.
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Berlin Art Link – Opening // abc highlights

Performance by Alexandra Bachzetsis, “A pice danced alone”
Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) opened yesterday at STATION Berlin. Riffing on the “not quite an art fair” concept, abc encourages a certain creativity and freedom of interpretation on the ‘booth’ concept to its exhibitors, with an emphasis on showcasing single artist projects. Exhibitors responded well to the open and experimental structure, including a number of site-specific works, and employing sometimes playful mechanisms to engage and attract. Featuring large and small-scale sculptures and installations, hot dog booths, whip-cracking femmes and performances, it’s a fresh change from the conventional art fair format. Below is a selection of images taken from the day.
Pae White, neugerriemschneider
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Upcoming Exhibitions at the entrance area of abc

Image: Opening with Ohio (Glasgow), Credit Peter Lorenz
Don’t miss the „Upcoming Exhibitions“ at the entrance area of abc. “Upcoming Exhibitions” has been curated by Shanaynay (Paris) and projects come from the USA, Italy, France, Germany, England, Belgium and Mexico and range from exhibitions for fictive artists, performances, sculptural works or a play.
Born out of the necessity to develop a felicitous structure for exhibiting within its context, Upcoming Exhibitions allots each participating space two hours to inhabit and exhibit a project of their choosing, amounting to 14 exhibitions, one occurring every two hours within a single space situated near the entrance of abc.
“Upcoming Exhibtions” and the accompanying publication have been developed in collaboration with Red Bull.
The ongoing programme for “Upcoming Exhibitions” is as follows:
Treize, Paris – Friday 20.9.13 at 4pm
Works Sited, Los Angeles – Saturday 21.9.13 at 12pm
The Ister, Brussels – Saturday 21.9.13 at 2pm
Auto Italia South East, London – Saturday 21.9.13 at 4pm
Lulu, Mexico – Sunday 22.9.13 at 12pm
Peles Empire, London – Sunday 22.9.13 at 2pm
New Theater, Berlin – Sunday 22.9.13 at 4pm

do you read me?! – presents: Living labour

Living labour Text in English € 16,00
Living Labour is published parallel to the exhibition Arbeitstid at Onstad Kunstsenter Oslo. It supplements the exhibition with additional works and essays on the issue of work dominating most of our waking hours despite economic instability and the rise of precarious labor force. Various writers including a few labor theorists discuss ideas of over-identification with work as a privilege and work-performance as part of an elaborate self-actualization. They also discuss the consequences for society against the backdrop of the Scandinavian labor movement and further share ideas on resistance by drawing scenarios of who we could be if we were non-workers and what alternative ways of living might look like.

With contributions by Will Bradley, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Carl Cedarström and Peter Fleming, Annette Kamp, Michala Paludan, Olivia Plender and Hester Reeve, Ole Martin Rønning, Kathi Weeks

EYEOUT Blogger Residency – Looking and/or Seeing

Ryan McGinley - Bischoff projects
Ryan McGinley at Bischoff Projects. Photo: Joseph Fuller

A common and often helpful metaphor for the consumption of the majority of art fairs or film festivals is that of the opposing positions of the bulimic and the anorexic. In the face of the desire to see everything, a decision must be made: frantically consume everything and anything, only to forego holding onto any of it later, or pick and choose and peck around the edges, only to be left feeling pretty hungry and as if something was missed. Often there seems to be no third way, with the characteristic experiences of such events being those of disorientation, a particular form of dizziness and by the end of it a sense that as a whole, it all remains fairly illegible.

At least on the surface, abc seems like it might be able to offer something a lot less frantic and more digestible. Everything appears at once low key and finely tuned. There is a distinct look throughout the venue – scaffolding, birch – that is never overwhelmed by the work being shown; an atmosphere seems to have been established that pronounces and maintains a certain steadiness and sense of rhythm that is wholly welcoming. On an initial walk around, and in view of the distinctive format of abc (each gallery presenting the work of a single artist), this feels like a fully designed and considered menu as opposed to the standard, all-you-can-eat nausea one might be used to.
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Eyeout’s Blogger Residency during abc

Once again, EYEOUT received many applications for the Blogger Residency in conjunction with abc this year. Julia Hartman and Joseph Fuller have been selected to report on abc for EYEOUT.
Julia Hartman studied Art History and English in Graz (Austria). In her blogJules and Art she primarily writes about young, no yet established artists. A special area of interest for Julia is Chinese contemporary art in comparison to western art.
Joseph Fuller lives in London and studied art and film in Oxford. Writing forms the core of his creative practice, both in terms of his own work, as well as independent reflections on the work of other artists. Joseph recently returned from a 18-month stint in Mumbai (India) where, alongside his own projects, he worked for artists and galleries.
We’re pleased to welcome Julia and Joseph to Berlin and are excited for their contributions about abc, which will be published daily here – in the abc Journal, as well as on EYEOUT’s blog.
Don’t forget: Free Download of EYEOUT Berlin with highlights of the abc program
In the app you’ll find information about abc with selected highlights from the program.
EYEOUT Berlin is available for free in the App Store until Sunday, 22 September.

Berlin Art Link Studio visit: Michael Sailstorfer

Article by Alison Hugill; Studio Visit Photographs by Conor Clarke
Rumour has it that Michael Sailstorfer’s studio building in Weissensee, on the tranquil outskirts of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, was once the production studio of early German film pioneer Joe May. Witness to the cinematic origins of Fritz Lang and Marlene Dietrich in the 1920s, the high vaulted ceilings of these stable-like workspaces are now the preserve of a number of Berlin-based artists and designers. Many of Sailstorfer’s artworks are large-scale creative interventions into natural processes, using such a range of materials and resources that few could imagine a studio space that would enclose them. And, in truth, a big part of his work is realized in the great outdoors, mostly in picturesque fields or farmlands scattered throughout rural Germany.
The making of “Antiherbst”, part of the EMSCHERKUNST.2013 exhibition, Photo by Achim Kukulies
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The Architecture of the Hotel Concorde Berlin

Today we take a closer look at abc partner Hotel Concorde Berlin and its architecture.
Hôtel Concorde Berlin - Façade
It was no simple task for Berlin architect Jan Kleihues to come up with the design for the Hôtel Concorde Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm. Just like everywhere in Berlin, the surrounding buildings were limited to a height of 22.5 meters (74 feet), while individual structures again and again break through that boundary almost arbitrarily. The ambitious, tapering form, of the Hôtel Concorde Berlin creates unity within the urban fabric. With the views that vary from every side and the regular rhythm of the façade, the hotel takes on an almost sculptural character. This is emphasized even further by the natural stone façade made of Kirchheim limestone, the structure of which changes its visual effect depending upon how the light falls.
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Niche – abc’s performance program

The beginning will also be the end. Abc’s performance program will open and close with the same artist at the same booth: Today at 12.30 pm, the young Canadian artist Michele di Menna will arrive with a box, unpack her stuff at Galerie Kamm’s (A05), and arrange her exhibition. Thus, her performance “The unpacking of _______.” will be the opening performance in more than one way.
When she will repack her stuff on Sunday at 6pm with “The repacking of ___________.”, many more performances will have seen the light at Station Berlin in Luckenwalder Straße. A gong, which is itself an artwork by Pae White (neugerriemschneider), will announce events. They will take place at the galleries’ booths, at the Miss Read book fair or on the „Upcoming Exhibitions“ stage in the entrance hall, where project spaces will present themselves in 2-hour-slots. The program is diverse: There will be a live-wiring to Burkina Faso at Christoph Schlingensief’s Operndorf installation (Andy Hope 1930, Anri Sala, Aino Laberenz), a talk with Martha Rosler, a dance performance by Alexandra Bachzetsis (in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer) and many more things to discover.
The focus that was put on the performance program is just one of the many details that distinguish abc from the usual fair format.

Bpigs – abc: first impressions

Text and pictures by Nathan M.
art berlin contemporary’s sixth edition opens today at Station Berlin! Following the success of last year’s art fair format, galleries across the world were invited to demonstrate their ability as producers for artists at this year’s fair.
With 133 galleries representing around 18 countries, around half of the galleries displaying work are based in Berlin, and one third are from elsewhere in Germany in Europe.
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See the 2nd Cycle at abc

Since the foundation of Artek –  one of our partners for abc 2013 –  in 1935, some 8 million Alvar Aalto stools have been sold worldwide. A few years ago Artek started to collect old Aalto furniture from flea markets, schools, elderly people’s homes and garages. Artek wanted to give these classic pieces of design a new lease on life, an original opportunity to tell their story. They are called the 2nd Cycle. They will be present throughout the restaurant and cafe at abc. Come sit at a piece of history.
Photo by Marco Funke

abc – we are waiting for your visit!

The final touches are being made and preparations are well underway for you to come and see this year’s exciting edition of abc.
Things kick off at 4pm today for the opening but don’t forget if you cant make it you can follow us this weekend by following #abcberlin and check back here where our contributors and team members will be journalling the events, behind the scenes news and our tips for the weekend here.
See you at Station! Happy abc 2013!

After hours with abc at Pauly Saal

If you still have the energy after an interesting day at abc then look no further than below to find out where to come for the after party. We look forward to welcoming you to the abc bar at Pauly Bar on Auguststraße 11–13, 10117 Berlin. Each night, one of our friends and collaborators will be hosting a unique night as follows.
Thursday 19.9.13 from 10pm – abc Bar hosted by Niche Berlin
Friday 20.9.13 from 10pm – abc Bar hosted by Monpol
Saturday 22.9.13 from 10pm – abc Bar hosted by Schinkel Pavillion

Come dine with us at abc Part 2

P & T – the brand for upscale tea culture – will set up a special tea bar and mobile tea wagon, which will be on hand for the visitors and gallerists to the Station this weekend who are in need of something warm and refueling to drink.
Amidst this panorama with 130 galleries from around the world, P & T offers visitors a selection of their products to try and purchase. Among these you can taste Pu-Er-Bai-Ya, a mixture of white and pu-erh tea, with the unopened buds of 300 years of Chinese Pu-erh trees. Also, the self-created tea by P & T Sacred Emiliy is combined from several teas: freshly picked rose buds, white jasmine tea and Darjeeling tea are mixed here in this brew.
In addition to the tea bar there will for the first time be a mobile tea wagon, which will provide attendees and gallery of fine teas throughout the grounds of the abc.

Guided Tours for Children at abc

Special tours for children come courtesy of Ephra at abc this year and take place on Saturday and Sunday every hour from 1pm. Tours can be booked by contacting or on site at abc. The artist Rebecca Raue is the founder of Ephra – Kinder in die Kunst. We asked her a few quick questions to see what is in store for our little abc visitors at abc 2013.
What will you be showing your young tour guests?
We will have a preselected tour of artworks that are especially attractive for children. In a way we will establish a „childrens path“ through abc, with some highlights, but always with our eyes open to see more…
How will your tours be different to those for adults, what do you point out in particular?
We focus on the experience – seeing an artwork confronts us with feelings and inspires us with ideas and it is the individual reception of an artwork that matters. We will empower the kids to be experts of their own experience.
Anything you are looking forward to in particular this year at abc?
The performance slots that Maike Cruse invented will change the atmosphere at the abc. We will be participating in a celebration of art and that is very exciting.
Portrait photo of Rebecca Raue by Katrin Greiling

Spotlight on DriveNow

New this year: DriveNow brings mobility to all our visitors, just use a DriveNow branded BMW or MINI vehicle – abc kept a special parking lot in front of the ground at Luckenwalder Strasse. To enter the Carsharing club the first 100 followers register for free here and save the regular 29 Euro admission.

Come dine with us at abc Part 1

Also this year we have some great catering on site for when the art all gets too much and you need to take a break from seeing the great works.
2013 once again heralds a fantastic catering offer from Mogg & Melzer including delicious Pastrami sandwiches, salads, soups, bagels, goulash, fresh meat from the grill and sweet things like NYC cheesecake as well as tea, coffee and other beverages. Everything is located in the mainhall of Station Berlin and is easy to grab on the go or for those who want a longer break.
For later in the evening we have champagne courtesy of Pommery so you can easily raise a toast to the weeks events!
Image by Ailine Liefeld

Bpigs‘ abc Preview

In the sixth edition of abc art berlin contemporary, first-time director Maike Cruse presents over 130 galleries and 18 countries, with the three-day-long fair pushing each gallery and institution to demonstrate their abilities as producers for artists. With many pieces made specially for the fair, abc features work from artists including Julieta Aranda, Nina Beier, Adriano Costa, Maria EIchhorn, Mark Flood, Kasia Fudakowski, Laetitia Gendre, Ryan McGinley, Jerszy Seymour, and more. Supplementing the pieces displayed, some artists have elected to introduce time-based or performative aspects to their work, as well as lectures, artist talks, and discussions—for example, Nasan Tur will be giving an artist talk on contemporary urban landscapes on 20.09 at 13h at Station Berlin. Other artists with performative, time-based, or otherwise animate elements to their projects include Alexandra Bachzetsis, Kasia Fudakowski, and Thomas Zipp.
Here are a few of the projects we are looking forward to!
Uji Handoko
Uji Handoko, also known as Hahan, is an Indonesian artist producing colorful critiques of capitalism through various visual media. His work is almost as gruesome as it is cutesy—built upon traditional punk visual tropes and imagery, Hahan offers a fresh and witty commentary on consumption and production through his bright, almost cartoony aesthetic.
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Institut français / Bureau des Arts plastiques initiates the young curators’ program JEUNES COMMISSAIRES to Berlin Art Week and abc – launches today!

Concurrent with the opening of the Berlin Art Week and abc art berlin contemporary, the Institut français / Bureau des Arts plastiques, under the direction of Cathy Larqué, is launching JEUNES COMMISSAIRES, a new program directed towards emerging young curators from Germany and France.
Beginning today, five French curators will attend workshops in Berlin, organized by the Bureau des Arts plastiques. Alongside get-togethers and conferences with different curators and directors from Berlin’s art institutions, including, among others Juan A. Gaitán (curator of the 8th Berlin Biennale) or Joachim Jäger (Deputy Director of the National Gallery and Head of the National Museums‘ New National Gallery) as well as Marius Babias and Kathrin Becker (Directors of the n.b.k. Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), the participants will also meet independent, progressive curators such as Anna Catharina Gebbers (Bibliothekswohnung) and will conduct studio visits.
The curators invited to participate at the first iteration of JEUNES COMMISSAIRES are Arlène Berceliot Courtin (1982, Paris), Fabienne Bideaud (1982, Paris), Karima Boudou (1987, Rabat/Paris), Jeanne Dreyfus-Daboussy (1986, Paris) and Anaëlle Pirat-Taluy (1980, Grenoble). The website will accompany the workshop, and, starting today, will feature photo documentations and interviews, which will allow insight into the participants‘ curatorial activities and their own commentary on the program.
The launch of JEUNES COMMISSAIRES marks the beginning of a new direction in the promotion of young talents in the art scenes in Germany and France. Devised as a discursive platform, the program supports participants in building an international network as well as in developing their creative ideas. In addition to the exchange – both personal and contextual – among participants, the program focuses on building connections to experts and gathering professional experience within international structures.

Shanaynay at abc art berlin contemporary 2013

Shanaynay have just arrived with us here at abc from Paris where they introduce “Upcoming Exhibitions”. This is a project in which a new exhibition produced and initiated by 14 invited international project spaces will occur every two hours in abc’s entrance area. Project spaces are 1857 (Oslo), Am Nuden Da (London), Auto Italia South East (London), Betonsalon (Paris), Cleopatras (New York City), Gasconade (Milan), Generation Works (Washington), Lulu (Mexico), New Theater (Berlin), Ohio (Glasgow), Peles Empire (London), The Ister (Brussels), Treize (Paris), Works Sited (Los Angeles).
Check our programme page here for full details.
The structure of “Upcoming Exhibitions” has been designed by June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge&Chermayeff. “Upcoming Exhibtions” and an accompanying publication have been developed in collaboration with Red Bull.

Image Copiright Shanaynay

Niche Berlin- High-Flyer

SWeingartner_Playing to Birds_2013
Conceptual yet unpretentious, clear yet fun: Annika Kahrs and Kasia Fudakowski are among our favorite contributors to abc. By the way, we’re delighted to see how many young promising female artists are participating this year! But back to our favorites:
Annika Kahrs’ works address the impact of irritations on the perception of situations. Some might have experienced her performance piece in KW’s show “One on One” lately. It consisted of two piano players pausing their play as soon as you entered the room. At abc, Produzentengalerie presents Kahrs’ video Playing to the Birds, 2013 – a video on the construction of communication and perception. It documents a pianist playing Franz Liszt’s Legende # 1, a solo piece full of twitter-like trills. It is based on the legend of St. Francis of Assisi preaching to and being understood by birds. Now, the pianist’s audience consists of cage birds. The viewer thus observes birds listing to a piano play, based on the »translation« of their communication into a score. Captive in a highly artificial environment exposed to unnatural communication, they have nothing in common with the wild protagonists the saint patron of animals communicated with.
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abc Partner – Hotel Concorde

In the last few years Berlin’s West has seen a constant rise in prominence, with the heart of the city slowly moving back to its center. After galleries rediscovered Potsdamer Strasse they are now opening new locations ever further into the West. This is also were some of our international visiting gallerists’ will find a place to stay while in Berlin. Besides the activities of the art scene, there has also been a general increase in construction activities with new architectural landmarks opening frequently. One of these is our partner Hotel Concorde on Augsburger Strasse 41. For an extra close look at its architecture come back next week and visit our journal for more.

More new work for 2013 – Laetitia Gendre

The installation „Butterfly“ (2013) has been created by French artist Laetitia Gendre for abc – art berlin contemporary.
The metallic structure and the drawings on canvas hung one after the other, form an ephemeral construction, while the drawings themselves represent views of constructed spaces identified as habitations – although this interpretation is sometimes cast into doubt. All the images originated in found photos, put online by amateurs in order to show the state of construction work. The spaces are shown as bare arrangements of walls, floors, and steps. Deprived of any furniture or objects, they appear to be quite inhospitable.
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New for 2013 – Edition Exhibition

For the first time an Editions exhibition conceived by Index /Kirsa Geiser takes place at abc. Over 30 positions will be shown and these are from Texte zur Kunst (Tony Oursler, Keren Cytter, Matthias Weischer), artflash (Antje Engelmann, Louise Bourgeois, Raymond Pettibon), Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (John Bock, Thomas Hirschhorn, Haegue Yang), Distanz Verlag (Florian Meisenberg, Michael Sailsdorfer, Katharina Grosse), SOS-Edition (André Butzer, Mauricio Guillén), INDEX Editions (Natalie Czech, Florian Auer, Miriam Böhm), Edition Block (Alicja Kwade, Olaf Metzel, Mona Hatoum), Monopol (John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, Katja Strunz), Laura Mars (Dorothy Iannone), Schinkel Pavillon (Andro Wekua, Friedrich Kunath, Dirk Bell), Little and large Editions (Martin Boyce, Liam Gillick, Dan Rees), Niels Borch Jensen (Carsten Höller)
John Bock
verschiedene Fahrradteile montiert, 4 Unikate, signiert und nummeriert

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Artek at abc as part of Stool 60 celebrations.

Artek furniture
2013 marks the 80th anniversary of Alvar Aalto’s three-legged Stool 60 made by Artek. Part of the celebrations include a collaboration with abc to bring these special, iconic pieces to the edition for galleries, artists and visitors to experience and enjoy.
A quintessential piece of modern design, Stool 60 is one of the best-known design items in the world, and an iconic piece in the Artek collection. Today, it’s being revisited by international designers and fans including designer Nao Tamura, fashion designer Mads Nørgaard, Comme des Garçons, Monocle, Tom Dixon and Mike Meiré.
Take a seat at abc!
Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo
Courtesy of Artek

do you read me?! – presents: Kennedy Magazine

Kennedy Magazine Text in English € 14,00
Kennedy is a new magazine from Greece and calls itself „journal of curiosities“. The first issue indeed turned out wonderfully curious with a great mix of stories, interviews and portraits of places and people like artist Olaf Breuning and Erwin Wurm, editorial director Pula Goldstein, musicians Eddie Ruscha and Andrew Weatherall and a journey in photos from New York to Barbados. Especially nice to read is the portrait and interview on Craig Walzer, a writer and owner of a well assorted and iconic bookshop on the island of Santorini, who we would love to go and visit on the spot. The extract of an essay by G.K.Chesterton on „The Bluff of the Big Shops“ from 1927 has lost none of its actuality and is as relevant today as it was then. Also worth mentioning are the beautiful photographs this magazine is filled with.

Collaboration – Glasgow / Berlin – Andrew Kerr

BQ Berlin and The Modern Institute are delighted to present a series of new paintings by Andrew Kerr at abc 2013.
Andrew Kerr describes the work: “Paint sketches without direct observational study. Paintings on paper, the paper pinned to a board, that board on an easel. Over several sittings the paper is more or less covered. An aim is to paint into definition: make less abstract. Recently, though, aims are changing, without aims, even. It’s more staying with embarrassment, abstraction and worry. Letting it disappoint. Acrylic paint made duller. The paintings aren’t so big, they are half lit and low contrast tonally. Perhaps there is a central figure of some sort. Layers become milky, a sluggish chemistry. Pinks, browns, parched yellows with dark oranges for outlines. Unconvincing shadows, soft grounds and few diagonals. Stopping at a crumb or dribble out of reach. “
Andrew Kerr was born in 1977 in Glasgow where he lives and works. Kerr makes paintings and sculptures from paper and found objects. His works represent observations, or everyday elements in an unfamiliar way; by magnifying the qualities of an object; its contours, areas of tone or colour, and its materiality, or by emphasising a particular relationship between an object and the illusory space it inhabits. Dictated by the movement of paint across a surface Kerr’s paintings consistently break the expected development of the composition, creating scenes that are unexpected and inquisitive.
Andrew Kerr
“Naval illustration”, 2013
Acrylic on board
37 x 56 x 0.3 cm
Photo: Keith Hunter
courtesy the artist; BQ, Berlin; The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

Collaboration – Wentrup, Ratio 3 and Michel Rein present Mathew Hale

We caught up with Tina Wentrup, of Wentrup gallery who told us about the gallery’s collaboration with Michel Rein and Ratio 3 for this year’s abc to bring Mathew Hale’s “MARIA UND JOSEPH”, 2011-13 to the edition.
Who and what are you going to be showing? Can you tell us about the piece (briefly)?
Mathew tells it like this: „Each of my works begins without preconception. That is how I find my form. I do not imagine what I am going to produce before I start. I hope to be the servant of true impulse, to speak before I think. In that sense these collages can be seen, retrospectively, to be symptomatic; both of my internal world and of the external society that we all share in at a particular moment in time. In 2011 I found myself producing a series of collages that incorporated material concerning Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles, Princes Diana AND the UK riots of that same year, as well as a childish misconception about how babies begin. It was the first time that I had spontaneously produced a series of works that were clearly related … and I began to see that they could be formulated into one work – or one arena of cultural response. The resulting work, MARIA UND JOSEF, 2011-13, which was first exhibited in Galerie Michel Rein in Paris in 2012, does not make the kind of a+b+c sense which would allow it to be anatomized cleanly, but it does bring together, and organize in one place, a conflict.“
Why is this event important in your art calendar, Tina? What makes it interesting or special?
It’s the opening event in fall, one of the best options to get important collectors and curators into town because galleries + museums are offering an outstanding program. The fair offers with an open concept the possibility to realize unique installations which could otherwise only be shown in museums.
The work is a collaboration. Can you expand on this idea and how it came about?
We have a close relationship with both galleries and are collaborating since quite a while. It’s a perfect opportunity to combine three different galleries (to motivate foreign galleries to show in Berlin because we initiated the project) to show a very complex and demanding work in Berlin.

Mathew Hale
Installation View, Galerie Michel Rein, Paris

Niche Berlin – Not just about the money: Collaborations between galleries at this year’s abc

Sure, a partner can come in handy when you have to pay a four-digit fee for participating at abc. But then, of course, the collaboration between two or even three galleries can turn into a thought-provoking creative progress, that makes one plus one add up to much more than two.
We spoke to gallerist Heike Tosun (Soy Capitán, Berlin), who is collaborating with Galerie für Landschaftskunst (GFLK), Hamburg to present a new installation by Klara Hobza. GFLK is an unusual gallery slash project space. It was co-founded by artist Till Krause in 1992, and has been promoting and featuring artists with a strong interest in interventions outdoors, in the public sphere, ever since. GFLK is also where Tosun first became aware of Klara Hobza in 2009. Hobza had relocated all her artworks from her studio in New York via raft, kayak and freight container to Hamburg, to exhibit them on the dismantled raft in Till Krause’s space (Departing America, 2009). Tosun, who admires this kind of innovative exhibition practice typical for GFLK, was eager to collaborate for abc. »It’s been like forming a temporary collective with Hobza and Krause«, she says. The ideas are circulating and gaining from the three different perspectives: gallery, artist and project space.
We can’t wait to see the result: At this year’s abc, Hobza will surprise us with the outcome of an impossible horserace. More cannot be said yet, but we are sure, with all these thought-provoking ideas flying around, it will be great.
Official poster for Klara Hobza
The Last Race which took place on the “Land for 5 Final Acts”, 2013

Niche Berlin recommends Daniel Keller and DIS

Today we’re happy to present the first post of our second contributor Niche Berlin, in the next weeks they will give us their unique insight into what they are looking forward to at this year’s abc. First up Daniel Keller and DIS.
This year’s abc will be “performative” and young. Speaking of young: we’re especially excited about the contributions by Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler gallery presenting Daniel Keller and New Gallery, showing the artist collective DIS. Both galleries are dedicated to building up young artists whose works engage with a contemporary culture in which the internet is a given and who naturally exploit its possibilities –some of them are labelled post-internet artists.
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Collaboration – Lisson Gallery and KOW present Sanitago Sierra

This year there are some galleries working together to bring unique presentations to abc.
One which work that will be presented is by Lisson and KOW and that is Sanitago Sierra. In his work Santiago Sierra often addresses structures of power that operate in our everyday existence. Sierra’s work intervenes into these structures exposing situations of exploitation and marginalisation, famously hiring underprivileged individuals who, in exchange for money, are willing to undertake pointless or unpleasant tasks. Sierra’s work never repeats reality, but challenges it exposing its intrinsic mechanisms. The essence of the work is often in the tension generated and sustained between the event or its documentation and the spectator, who is exposed to what can be described as the formal and poetic articulation of the voice of all those who are normally marginalised or disenfranchised.
SSierra_World's Largest Graffiti. Smara Refugee Camp, Algeria. October 2012, 2012
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do you read me?! – presents: Pie Paper

Today do you read me?! brings us a publication from the other side of the Globe showing us the world of failure.
Pie Paper – #4 Failure
Text in English 
23,00 €
Pie Paper is a magazine from new Zealand and dedicates each issue to one different topic or idea. The topic of the current issue is failure, for which the makers have compiled an astonishing amount of examples in text and image. This small booklet actually is a small cultural history of the phenomenon of failure. Examples range from Aether and how it used be held for the carrier of light in the universe to the Global Underground metro system connecting cities worldwide which Kippenberger imagined and started to build entrances for.

Collaboration – Konrad Fischer Galerie and Galerie Wien Lukatsch present Nina Canell

Nina Canell_Strays_2012_Foto Nick Ash_72dpi
This year there are some galleries working together to bring unique presentations to abc. Konrad Fischer Galerie and Galerie Wien Lukatsch collaborate to bring us new works by Nina Canell.
The precarious installations of Nina Canell could be read as essays on changeability and uncertainty. Her communities of objects quietly interact with each other through modest arrangements, balancing careful ambitions to sustain certain frequencies, movements or altitudes. Electrical debris, wires and neon gas establish temporary, almost performative sculptural unions with natural findings such as water, wood or stones, yielding open-ended moments of synchronicity. An improvisational methodology and a flexibility of form highlight Canell’s quest for sculpture, which exists somewhere in between the material and the immaterial, forming and questioning the conductive relations between solid objects and mental events.
Nina Canell
Strays, 2012
Radio, concrete, chromed bronze
Installation view Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart
Photograph by Nick Ash

do you read me?! – presents: Turps Banana

We’re happy to present the first post from abc partner and journal contributor “do you read me?!”. Besides enriching abc with their great collection of international magazines “do you read me?!” will present a selection of their favourite art publications in our journal. Read on!
Turps Banana
– Issue 13 
Text in English
 11,00 €
Turps Banana is a quarterly magazine from the UK about painting, made by painters. This unique approach of being written by painters rather than by art historians or critics gives the examination of the issue a very intimate extra-engaged twist of colleagues presenting and discussing each others work. The magazine features exhibition reviews, interviews and studio visits accompanied by plenty of images. The current issue 13 starts with John Chilvers` comparison of two London shows: Frank Auerbach: Early Works 1954-1978 and London`s Post-War Art Scene: David Bomberg and the Borough Group, followed by an article about John Wilkins by Tim Renshaw, an interview with Stewart Geddes by Bert Irvin, Michael Szpakowski on Jake Longstreth, facing the difficulty of never actually having seen the work for real and discussing aspects of reproduction. In a Turps Banana interview with Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs we gain a deep insight into the making of their carefully constructed collaborate canvases. There is also an interview by Katarina Blannin with Andrew Bick on his abstract paintings that are all made in a very methodical yet random way of echoing previous paintings. Also in this issue: an interview with Lee Maelzer by Geraldine Swayne, San Coombs talking to Tim Allen and a review of some recent painting shows in New York.

Interview – Bischoff Projects

Ryan McGinley Tommy and Heather 2012 Bischoff Projects
For the next instalment in our series of interviews with some of our participating galleries we spoke to Larissa Bischoff, of Bischoff Projects, Frankfurt who will be presenting Ryan McGinley (USA).
This is your first time at abc – what are you looking forward to the most?
We are looking forward very much to share our passion for Ryan McGinleys work with the abc visitors.
Who and what are you going to be showing?
We are going to show two amazing works by Ryan McGinley. We will present them on a wallpaper Ryan created especially for abc, consisting of coloured and black and white portraits. Ryan takes intimate photographs that celebrate the beauty of youth and freedom. His photographs express the joyfulness and liberty of a generation that is exploring its surroundings.
Why is this event important in your art calendar? What makes it interesting or special?
We love to spend time in Berlin. The internationality of the city is reflected in the abc. The possibility to realize a solo presentation of an artist without architectural guidelines is fantastic. This focus on individual works of art excites us.
Ryan McGinley
Tommy & Heather, 2012
76,2 x 114,3 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Bischoff Projects

Interview – Freedman Fitzpatrick

This year we thought you might like to know a little bit more about some of the galleries who will be participating in abc. First up is LA’s Freedman Fitzpatrick who will be showing Hannah Weinberger. We caught up with Robbie Fitzpatrick this week.
This is your first time at abc – what are you looking forward to the most?
We moved to LA from Berlin at the end of last year, so in no particular order: new artist projects, gallery openings, Edd’s, friends and colleagues, Berghain.
Who and what are you going to be showing?
We’re presenting a new sound installation by Hannah Weinberger. She is composing individual ambient soundtracks for six large stones weighing 200-500 kg, hollowed out, and transformed into resonating speakers. Installed at the entrance and in the main hall, the emanating sound layers will merge with the noise of these high traffic areas to create a subtle, seemingly morphing soundtrack for visitors congregating in the vicinity. 
Why is this event important in your art calendar? What makes it interesting or special? 
We opened at the end of April, so abc is our first fair and our first solo presentation. It’s a bit of a home-coming and we’re ready to present what we’ve been up to. That abc is not a typical fair format also means that we’re getting to present the work in an non-traditional booth format, alongside many of the galleries whose vision has influenced how we are shaping our own program. 

New work for abc 2013 – Jan Peter Hammer

More news on the works to be debuted at abc this year.
Upon being asked to realize new artworks for this years abc many artists have been developing projects specific to the site and relating to the surroundings. When approached by his gallery Supportico Lopez, the German artist Jan Peter Hammer immediately had a Berlin specific idea in mind. His work “Gedenktafel für die Verlierer der Wiedervereinigung/ Memorial for the Losers of the Reunification” refers on many different levels to the recent history of Berlin. On the one hand, the material itself, plays with the tradition of the commemorative bronze plaques that one can find all over Berlin’s historic sites. Then there is the idea of the bronze plaque, a reminder to the structural changes Berlin’s eastern part went through after reunification. In the words of Jan Peter “(the plaque) is meant as a memorial for all our lost neighbours, for all the aging workers and pensioners, who were replaced by the dapper families and sleek professionals that now populate East Berlin.”
Jan Peter Hammer „
Gedenktafel für die Verlierer der Wiedervereinigung/ Memorial for the Losers of the Reunification“

92 x 108 x 7 cm
Courtesy of Supportico Lopez, Berlin

More new work for 2013 – Robin Rhode

RRhode_Paries Pictus
Under the banner ‘Paries Pictus’, Robin Rhode, of South Africa, uses the walls of galleries and museums for site-specific interventions of drawings. In a private performance during the installation process, the artist directs children to use oversized crayons, created specifically for this project, to colour in geometric vinyl graphics applied directly to the walls by Rhode, turning the exhibition space into a life-size colouring book. The outlines are based on the shapes of the Bauhaus Bauspiel, designed by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher in 1924 for the children’s room in the model Bauhaus building ‘Haus am Horn’ in Weimar. Just like the Bauspiel, Rhode’s project embraces play as an educational device. At the same time, it asks broader questions about authorship, art and chance.
Robin Rhode
Paries Pictus – Colour in the Pictures
Installation view – Stevenson, Cape Town

New work for 2013 – Michael Riedel

Gabriele Senn Galerie brings us a rock and roll element to abc with Michael Riedel’s art work.Since their debut manifesto-like song „Formed A Band“ (2004), the British punk rock band Art Brut have gathered a 10 year history of self-referentiality. This finds its logical continuation in the cover design of „Top Of The Pops“ by Michael Riedel. Art Brut and Michael Riedel are probably what you call a perfect match. Riedel’s work comes like a strikeout of flirtatious with a beautiful success story with the title „Top Of The Pops“.
Michael Reidel, “Art Brut: Top Of The Pops“

New Galleries for 2013

HWeinberger_Installation View
Besides a range of new young artists, this years abc will also feature a group of new young international galleries. One is Freedman Fitzpatrick. After opening their gallery in Los Angeles earlier this year, Robbie Fitzpatrick and Alex Freedman are now coming to Berlin to present the Basel based artist Hannah Weinberger. Her new sound installation, comprised of 6 large stones turned into speakers will be integrated throughout abc. This will be one of many works presented this year that are interacting with audiences and including their surroundings.
Hannah Weinberger, When You Leave, Walk Out Backwards, So I’ll Think You’re Walking In,
Kunsthalle Basel, 2012
Courtesy the artist and Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
Photo: Gunnar Meier

New work this year, part 2 – Thea Djordjadze

TDjordjadze_Installation View
More news on work to be debuted at abc this year from abc HQ.
This time we wanted to share with you a peek at Thea Djordjadze whose work comes courtesy of Sprüth Magers Berlin London. In her fragile installations, structures and objects Thea Djordjadze makes references to modernism, science, music, archeology and politics. For the more sculptural ensemble piece, the artist uses everyday materials such as foam, ceramic, fabric and plaster together with found objects.
Thea Djordjadze Installation view, Aspen Art Museum
© Thea Djordjadze courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London, Photo: Jason Dewey

New work for abc 2013

In the first of a series of entries to our journal, we walk you through some of the new works that you will see at this years abc from many of our international artists.
New York-based Ryan McGinley takes intimate photographs that celebrate the beauty of youth and freedom. His work portrays young people usually in American landscapes, where they run naked in fields of wildflowers, jump into deep water or climb in caves. The result is a surprisingly restrained, open-ended study portraiture.
New work this year comes from artists including: Nina Beier, Maria Eichorn, Annika Eriksson, Ryan McGinley, Jan Peter Hammer, Matthew Hale, Susanne Kriemann, Michele Di Menna, Michael Riedel, Robin Rhode, Ricarda Roggan, Julius Von Bismarck, Nina Cannell, Thea Djordjadze, Julieta Aranda and Thomas Zipp
Ryan McGinley Water Lilies, 2013
Courtesy of the artist and Bischoff Projects Frankfurt/M.
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The inside track on abc by Maike Cruse, Director

Who better than abc Director Maike Cruse to give us the inside track on how abc is shaping up so far for 2013? We caught up with her.
Maike Cruse
What are the exciting new elements to abc for 2013?
We will have around 120 single projects presented by galleries, including many new and site-specific works. There are many performative and time-based projects this year plus some artists will add talks, performances or music presentations to their work, which will result in an exciting and extensive program spanning the entire abc area. Part of the program is also a project called “Upcoming Exhibitions” curated by Shanaynay (Paris), in which several international project spaces each receive a 2 hour slot to exhibit a show in the entrance area of abc.
What are you looking forward to most this year at abc?
There are so many works that I look forward to seeing. The first thing you will see and hear when you enter the courtyard of abc will be a sound installation by Florian Hecker and humming stones made by Hannah Weinberger. During the opening, Thomas Zipp intends to present a performative piece at his installation and Alexandra Bachzetzis will show a choreographed dance called ‘A piece danced alone’. Furthermore, visitors are invited to produce a temporary sculpture by Tomas Saraceno. I also cannot wait to see how the project spaces react to the 2 hour exhibition slot – there will be many more surprises!
We will also see some new galleries this year. Can you tell us a little about them and the works they will display?
A Gentil Carioca from Rio presents a performative piece by Laura Lima, Lisson Gallery and KOW install a large slide by Santiago Sierra and Michel Rein and Ratio3 and Wentrup share the showing of a new collage by Mathew Hale. OMR from Mexico will also bring a series of sculptural explorations on knots and tensions by Julieta Aranda. We are also excited to have some very young galleries included like New Gallery from Paris and Freedman Fitzpatrick from L.A.
Photo by Wolfgang Stahr Continue reading

Announcement of participating galleries for abc 2013

abc is proud to bring to you the gallery list for this year’s edition. Around half the galleries will come from Germany, one third from elsewhere in Europe plus significant representation will come from the Middle East, the United States, Canada, Africa and South America. Galleries will also come from cities including London, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Cape Town, Milan, Vienna, New York, and Barcelona. A full list can be found here

Call for Bloggers – Residency during abc art berlin contemporary

Photo: Nabil Nadifi

Photo: Nabil Nadifi

After last year’s successful bloggers’ residency, abc art berlin contemporary and EYEOUT are teaming up once again. We are seeking two writers with a thirst for the best of Berlin’s contemporary art scene to report from the heart of this year’s abc.
You’ll each be writing one post per day of the residency to be published on the abc journal and EYEOUT’s blog. The two winning applicants will be accommodated 19–22 September in style at the Hotel MANI in Mitte – a perfect base for exploring the fair with VIP credentials and access to all abc events.

Sound like your kind of thing? Write to eyeout at and explain just why you’re the wordsmith we’re looking for.
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abc is part of Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week
art berlin contemporary is delighted to once again be part of Berlin Art Week for 2013.
Founded in 2012, Berlin Art Week – which takes place from 17 – 22 September – will entice collectors, curators, arts enthusiasts and tourists into the German capital.
As well as abc, there will be other exciting arts openings and cultural events across the city during the time period, including a programme of exhibitions in some of Berlin’s most renowned arts institutions.
You can take a look at the full Berlin Art Week programme here – or by checking back here for our involvement in it all and of course for our contributor’s tips straight off the press! Continue reading

Curious to know who will (a)b(c) here? Look no further!

Around 130 emerging and established galleries have been invited from all over the world to exhibit. Alongside German and European galleries, we will also see participation from exhibitors hailing from North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
New artistic works include those from Nina Beier, Maria Eichhorn, Ryan McGinley, Jan Peter Hammer, Mathew Hale, Erwin Kneihsl, Susanne Kriemann, Michele Di Menna, Phillipe Parreno, Michael Riedel, Robin Rhode, Ricarda Roggan and Marinella Senatore. The architecture of the space also allows for a rich variety of concepts once again, including installations, sound pieces, performances and video screenings. You can see the full list of artists here:
Photo by Nabil Nadifi
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A big hello and welcome for 2013!

Work is well underway here at abc HQ for abc 2013 which is set to take place in just over two months time here in the German capital of Berlin.
Around 130 emerging and established galleries have been invited from all over the world to exhibit. The innovative, artist-centered format of abc focuses on artistic practice and the galleries will each be showing individual presentations of contemporary art. Within this format the majority of the works on view will be new; enjoying it’s debut at abc. Plus, abc will also be foregrounding performative and time-based works this year, so the four days of the exhibition will be packed with a lively and engaging programme including performances, musical contributions, artist’s talks and discussions.
Check back here for behind the scenes news, artist and galleries participants Q and As, exhibition recommendations, programme highlights and our Berlin tips for the best in art and culture and for more information on the exciting developments that are still ahead. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Facebook too and by checking out our hashtag across social media platforms at #abc13
Photo by Marco Funke

EYEOUT Editor Frauke Fentloh of RADIUS. magazine presents: A Room of Art

There is no myth that has been so closely tied to Berlin than that of the city being unfinished and unconventional; undergoing constant change. The same could also certainly apply to its art scene, as it tries to find its place in the global art circus. And, it could be attributed to this year’s abc, where a lot was left in the open – and turned out really well this way.

by Marco Funke

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Niche Berlin’s look at abc’s exhibition design

Installation View abc 2012 by Stefan Korte

The usual art fair comes with an integrated visual overkill effect. Booth after booth flanks the aisles, there are artworks everywhere, it’s often cramped, loud and flashy –seeking attention is key in a fair where selling is the sole aim.
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EYEOUT Editor Jareh Das presents: Vox pop at abc 2012

For the final day of abc Art Berlin Contemporary 2012, I decided to have a look around one more time, even though the whole weekend consisted largely of endless amounts of looking, talking and looking some more whilst returning to specific pieces (I probably visited Timm Ulrichs at Wentrup a dozen times).
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It’s a wrap – abc says thank you and see you next year!

The fifth edition of abc closing today, counting 24.000 visitors who came to see 129 galleries from 18 countries and 148 positions of contemporary art, the programme by Artists Space NY with Bazaar, Interventions and Talks as well as MISS READ.
Thank you all for the great show and see you next year:
abc 2013: 19 – 22 September 2013 – Save the Date!
If you wish to take another look at the exhibited artworks, the 2 volumes of the catalogue (Reader and Gallery Index) are available at Mousse Publishing and abc online shop!
And don’t forget to stay tuned as abc Journal continues delivering you abc contents by our contributors!

EYEOUT Editor Frauke Fentloh of RADIUS. magazine presents: The internet, power, and the art sector

Artist Space Talk with Anton Vidokle @ abc

The emergence of new media forms has always been connected to different hopes and fears, and no where is this more true than on the internet. Digitalisation has already had a crucial impact on cultural production in a number of ways, and while it has rendered it easier to access and to participate in the global information flow, it has, at the same time thrown up some important questions in terms of intellectual propriety. The impact of the internet on the music and film industries has been widely discussed over the last few years, the same however cannot be said for the art sector, where such discourse has been somewhat sidelined. In light of this, it was interesting that the New York-based Artists Space should choose to invite e-flux founder Anton Vidokle, among others, to come to abc and talk about this very issue – the relationship between artistic production and new developments in the online sphere. Vidokle presented a topic that has not yet received a lot of media attention in Germany; the sale of new internet domains and the question of how that may ultimately effect the art sector.
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Available Works presents: BLESS N°41, Workout Computer, 2012.

„Mens sana in corpore sano” the Latins used to say, but somehow the notion that a healthy body and an equally healthy mind could actually belong to the same person got lost along the way. For the better part of the 20th Century, it was believed that beautiful people did not possess intellectual properties to match the quality of their looks, and this went especially for girls with blonde hair and guys with muscles. It was either physics or brains.

BLESS//Photo by Stefan Korte

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EYEOUT Editor Jareh Das presents: Tearing Down the Walls – A closer look at display presentations at the fair

abc Art Berlin Contemporary has become as famous for its schizoid, non-conformist and sporadic booth presentations as its location Berlin is for its multiplicity of architectural styles. Displaying works without a ‘white cube’ booth format encourages a more organic presentation which adheres more to a site-specific aesthetic where artists responds directly to location, architecture and space. The fair’s current layout is largely without walls, which echoes a city infamous for one of the most political works of architecture in history, The Berlin Wall. History and its associations aside, abc is a fair with an amalgamation of styles that includes: walled booths, free standing walls, floor sculptures, sound, installations and purpose built enclosed structures assembled together for the duration of this event. Some galleries excelled in their choice of artists and clever use of space, whilst others presented rather underwhelming monumental works which in my opinion played on the ceiling height and not much else in terms of engaging with spaces allocated. It seemed more about spectacle in these instances.
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EYEOUT Editor Frauke Fentloh of RADIUS. magazine presents: Must-reads from MISS READ

photo by

The artist book might be one of the most misundestood art genres and it is certainly not one that is easy to define. „Neither an art book nor a book on art, the artist’s book is a work of art on its own“ states critic Lucy Lippard. Taking up the notion of the book as an artistic object in itself – rather than a mere supplement or catalogue – the publishing fair MISS READ brings together international artists and publishers working on this common principle. Coming from cities such as Los Angeles, Lisboa, Hongkong and of course Berlin, they have set up their booths in the so-called Bananenhalle, next to the abc main hall, to present their approaches to artistic publishing.
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We invite you to the Artists Space Talks tomorrow! Win free abc tickets!

Make sure you don’t miss the three Artists Space Talks tomorrow:
Sunday 16th September
2 p.m. Antonia Hirsch (artist and Associate Editor at Fillip magazine)
3:30 p.m. Patricia Reed (artist)
5 p.m. Jan Verwoert (critic)
With a little luck you are the one to win 2 of 10 abc tickets for tomorrow, Sunday September 16th!
Just write to with the subject ‚Artists Space‘.
Good Luck!

Bpigs present: abc – report from day #1

Text and pictures by Maria Santos

The long-awaited art berlin contemporary kicked off yesterday morning at Station-Berlin revealing itself as one of the most exciting events of the season.
Featuring the newest positions in the contemporary art scene, this time under no subject and no curatorial supervision, this new fair format will definitely mark the course of the arts in Berlin and will also probably spread around the world.
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Berlin Art Journal presents: Real Talk. Artist Space produces a not so average lecture series for abc

Installation View abc 2012//BLESS//N°41 Workoutcomputer Horizontal at Artist Space Bazaar//Photo by Stefan Korte

As part of their Bazaar within Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) this year, New York’s Artists Space has organized a series of lectures throughout Saturday afternoon, meditating on the influence of the internet on artistic production and ways that one might reconcile value and desire in an epoch where such ‘wants’ are increasingly taboo. Certainly, the lecture series within the program of an art fair is nothing novel, but what Artists Space is putting forth at abc is a different rendition of the model: one that is imminently self aware of the structure in which it is taking place.
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Bpigs presents: My Imaginary Collectors Buy List @abc 2012

Andy Hope 1930 – Guido Baudach

If collecting is a virus- I think I got it: Acquire unique objects that will guide, inspire, comfort and maybe even bore and enrage you throughout your life. Objects you and you alone possess (and are possessed by). I get it. To enrich my imaginary collection started at Art Cologne this year I browsed abc yesterday. These are the works I would not want to leave/live without. Total value of my imaginary second step into collecting: 124.000euro
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Don’t Miss: MISS READ Opening today at abc

MISS READ 2012 brings together for the fourth time the most important protagonists of artistic book publishing. With the artist book as an autonomous artistic work, artists use the linearity of the book as medium to tell visual stories, generate archives, depict collections, present research results, or even quite intentionally practice book piracy. The productive collaboration between artist, author, and designer often results in the creation of complex books that also enable a fresh perspective on the art.
MISS READ visitors are invited to browse at their own tempo, free of charge. Not only are the books artworks to be touched, they are also affordable!
Stop by!
Opening hours MISS READ
Friday, 14 September 2012, 5 – 8 pm
Saturday, 15 September 2012, noon – 9 pm
Sunday, 16 September 2012, noon – 7 pm

EYEOUT Editor Jareh Das presents: abc Preview – The Dubai Connection

As I wandered through the opening of abc art fair 2012, I noticed the fair had expanded vastly from last year’s edition. This year sees an increase in gallery inclusions from across the world as well as a healthy return of participants from its inaugural edition in 2008.

abc Opening September 13th 2012

The whole structure of the fair has been slightly reconfigured. It has a fluid arrangement of booths and projects with a more defined entrance area, behind glass doors beyond an open courtyard (packed with guests, VIP’s, art world crowd and press). This leads to the first of three main halls which marked the start of my three day tour of abc, Berlin’s innovative art fair. The fair notably has a more experimental approach this year, as although in keeping with its overall solo artist booth presentation, it also gives galleries the flexibility to abandon ‘white-cube’ booth format to create architectural or conceptual booth installations (which were fully taken advantage of by IBID Projects, BQ, Kraupa-Tuskany and Blank Projects).
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The abc catalogs have just arrived! Order yours now!

After a long way from Italy, finally we can hold the abc catalogs in our hands as they have just arrived here at Station-Berlin. It is a two-part catalog in cooperation with Mousse Publishing, Milano. Entitled „The Reader,“ the first part of the catalog was created in collaboration with Artists Space, and includes texts related to the theme of pluralistic cultural production, distribution and exchange.
The individual texts were selected by Artists Space Bazaar participants.In the second part of the catalog, abc artists‘ work is shown.
For only 9,80 € you can order your catalog NOW.

Available Works presents: Artist Night at Berlin’s King Size Bar

by Anselm Reyle

When asked why there was so much alcohol flowing through the art world, a well-known art critic who prefers to remain anonymous answered: “My boozing has been bumming me out, but if I quit drinking there would officially be no more perks to my profession and that’s too depressing a fact to face sober.” Drinking and art seem to belong together, for many drinking even seems to be a means to endure, but not a means to create art. Here, however, comes a story on how drinking became the initiator of a great series of works:
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Openings you shouldn’t miss today, Sep 11th!

Today is the day of the Openings. To make sure, you won’t miss anything, here’s the link to our Media Partner INDEX, where you can check out all the openings and events taking place today. Here are some of our picks:

Fleury @ Mehdi Chouakri

Mehdi Chouakri
Sylvie Fleury Do Not Think of The Color Blue for Thirty Seconds
When: 6–9pm
Where: Edisonhöfe: Eingang/Entrance: Schlegelstraße 26
Invalidenstr. 117, 10115 Berlin
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Artek Stool limited edition exclusively on sale at abc!

(design differs from the illustration)

In the context of the abc, Artek will be showcasing an exclusive edition of an icon of Finnish design, the „Stool 60 Pure” by Alvar Aalto on site, thus providing all 129 participating galleries across 18 countries with seating facilities. Following the closing of abc on Sunday 16th “Stool 60 Pure” will be exclusively available via the website of abc art berlin contemporary.
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EYEOUT Call for Bloggers: And the Winners are…

After an overwhelming response to our Call for Bloggers, Jareh Das, Frauke Fentloh, and Nabil Nadifi have been selected to report from abc within the framework of the EYEOUT residency.
Jareh Das lives in London where she works as a freelance writer and runs the blog Artistes Only. Jareh will be on the road as a social blogger, and aims to capture the atmosphere of the fair through short interviews with visitors and exhibitors. 
Frauke Fentloh is a contributor to the Berlin-based RADIUS. magazine, an online publication at the intersection of art, design, and photography. We’re looking forward to her pointed analysis and reporting.
Nabil Nadifi is a photographer and lives in Paris. His blog Hype Ain’t Sh*t sees itself as a platform to explore the border country between art, fashion, and advertising. Nabil will use his camera to document abc in the light of these associations.
EYEOUT is Berlin’s mobile art guide and the partner of abc art berlin contemporary. 

Available Works presents: abc art berlin contemporary: It’s a setup!

On Saturday afternoon, with five days to go until the start of abc art berlin contemporary 2012, the atmosphere at the venue was magical. Calm, yet dense with anticipation, the vast dimensions of the exhibition halls echoing the sound of drills and hammers, the subdued buzzing of electric motors belonging to fork trucks and lifting platforms mingling with the smell of freshly timbered line-ups in a strange sensation of synaesthesia… If you belong to those who have ever set up a gallery booth at an art fair you know: the best moment about an art fair is that time when it still belongs to those setting it up and no one else.
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Book your Guided abc Tour Now!

In cooperation with Niche we offer Guided Tours on the grounds of Station-Berlin
From September 14 – 16 there are going to be Daily Tours at 3 p.m. (fee 5 €).
You also have the chance to book an individual Group Tour (max. 10 Persons, 75 € per group).
Don’t miss your chance and book your tour now!
Email to:

Openings you shouldn’t miss today, Sep 6th!

Openings today: Eigen + Art Lab | Galerie Barbara Weiss | Soy Capitán
Next week abc is starting, but there’s already a lot going on in our Berlin-based abc galleries.
We keep you posted on Openings and Events you shouldn’t miss!
Today, Sept. 6th 2012:

Eigen + Art Lab
Marc Desgrandchamps Palindromes
When: 5–9pm
Where: Ehem. Jüdische Mädchenschule, Auguststraße 11–13, 10117 Berlin
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Watch out! abc in the streets of Berlin

abc is getting closer
Our abc posters are decorating the streets of Berlin City. This morning on our way to work we could catch first snap shots @ Prenzlauerberg and Kreuzberg. Watch out for more!

seen at Knaackstrasse/Danziger Strasse

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Niche presents: Artists we are looking forward to, part I – Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

We love the way Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs (both *1979) comment on the phenomenon that almost every text about photography cites the same few authors, mostly Roland Barthes or Susan Sonntag: The Swiss photographers have compiled twelve classics from the realm of photography theory, caved them, added a lens in front and a plate in back and thus turned them into a self-made camera. At the forefront of the manipulated book stack: Barthes Camera Lucida (1980), directly followed by Sontag’s On Photography (1977). If these authors’ highly cited words have become hollow by repetition, the least they can do now is use their hollowness productively by serving as the body of a DIY picture-making device.
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Today: Group Show Opening „In the mirror of myself“ at Galerie Zink

Artists: heather rowe, sabrina fritsch, german stegmaier, yuri masnyj, michael just, ignacio uriarte
In the mirror of myself describes the continuous self-questioning that is an important basic motivation for artistic creation. At the same time, the exhibition title addresses the loneliness of the internal dialogue during the creative process. For the exhibition, abc participant Galerie Zink has selected six artists whose work makes such a dialogue legible for the viewer.
Don’t miss the opening today!

Friday Aug 31st, 2012.
6 – 9 p.m.
Galerie Zink
Linienstrasse 23
10178 Berlin

Book presentation and podium discussion with artist Michaela Meise at Walther König

Multimedia-artist Michaela Meise will be presenting her new publication „Ding und Körper“ at our abc book store Walther König today. As the title already implies, the focus of Meissen’s work is set on two groups: the inanimate object and the human body. Come along for the podium discussion starting at 7 pm between the artist, Anja Casser (director of the Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe) and designer Hendrik Schwantes.
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Artist Guillaume Bruère on show at Marta Herford

Photo: Eric Tschernow

In his first major museum exhibition, French artist Guillaume Bruère will be providing an insight into his diverse artisic activities. On show with GIOM Millipede from August 26th to November 4th at the museum Marta Herford. See his works at Andrae Kaufmann Gallery at the abc!

Artek + do you read me?! in Helsinki

Our sponsor Artek invited the do you read me?! Satellite Store to the Artek Flagship Store in Helsinki
The Helsinki Satellite will open tomorrow, on August 23, right on time for the Helsinki Night of the Arts. A number of Artek events will take place there and at the same time it coincides with the Helsinki Design Week from September 5 – 11.
So if you’re in Helsinki, check it out!
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abc 2012 – Participating Galleries

Take a look at the participating galleries:
This year, 126 galleries from 18 countries will participate: 66 galleries from Berlin, 8 from Vienna, 6 from London, 4 each from Dubai, New York, Zurich and Paris, 2 each from Beijing, Brussels, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Malmö, Milan, Munich and Rome; and 1 each from Antwerp, Bremen, Catania, Copenhagen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Glasgow, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Innsbruck, Istanbul, Jeddah, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Naples, Prague and Seoul.

abc introduces Berlin Art Week

abc is happy to be partner of the newly founded Berlin Art Week
„A start to the season, which does justice to Berlin’s multifaceted character as one of the world’s leading locations for the production of contemporary art – with its numerous galleries, museums and exhibition spaces – Berlin Art Week is of interest to international audiences. We are pleased to strengthen the city’s importance as an art capital in conjunction with key institutions and actors in Berlin,“ note the organizers of the abc.
Take a look at Berlin Art Week:

Call for bloggers: Berlin hotel residency during abc – art berlin contemporary

abc and EYEOUT, the mobile art guide, are looking for two contributing writers who are into the contemporary art scene and interested in covering the abc.

What you get: three nights at Berlin’s fashionable Hotel Mani, where you’ll be right at the heart of things, for 13–16 September, plus VIP credentials for abc.

What you contribute: three blog entries to be featured on the abc website. If you’d like to be part of this project, write and tell us why you’re the blogger to choose:

Deadline: 28 August 2012

abc + A.P.C. bags

abc and A.P.C. are launching a limited edition of tote bags. The design of the bags plays on the similarity of the abbreviations of the two names and feature the letters A.P.C., acronym for Atelier de Production et de Création, on one side and A.B.C., acronym for art berlin contemporary, on the other.

The bags will be sold from A.P.C. stores in Mulackstrasse, Berlin, Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, and Mercer Street, New York from the 20th of August and from the art berlin contemporary fair from the 13th to the 16th of September. Don’t miss your opportunity to get it!


Dear friends of abc – art berlin contemporary
Welcome to our Journal! Together with our contributors Freunde von Freunden, Sugerhigh, Available Works, Niche and Bpigs we look forward to keeping you updated on abc artists and program highlights, as well as offering you the latest art news and recommendations for interesting events in Berlin.
Updated regularly – so visit us for the latest!

ARCHIVE 2011 – It’s a wrap!

By Sunday night, some 15.000 guests have visited abc this year.
But we will be back:
Gallery Weekend Berlin / 27 – 29 April, 2012
abc / 13 – 16 September, 2012
In case you want to take another look at the exhibited artworks, our catalogue is still available from Mousse Publishing
…and needless to say that we went with a bang! As soon as the last visitor has left the exhibition grounds, thunderbolt and lightening took over.

Y-3 + abc

On Saturday September 10th, our partner Y-3 hosted a small dinner on the occasion of art berlin contemporary.
Taking inspiration from Y-3’s A/W 2011-12 campaign by artists Collier Schorr and David Benjamin Sherry, the dinner was staged in the poetic setting of an abandoned space on the abc site, which has been embraced by nature in the course of time.

Henning Bohl

Don’t expect grandiose statements from Henning Bohl. His works convey a feeling, tell a story, yes, but leave out any specific commitment to meaning.
His sculptures, such as MTV cribs crib, 2011 are jovial one-liners of an almost ‘choose your own adventure’ variety. While there is an imminent art-referential element in the horizontally suspended canvas frame, the eye is more immediately drawn to it’s legs, Schultüten, given to German children on their first day of school filled to the brim with treats. Their emptiness as well as the void formed by a arched piece of fibreboard suggests either disappointing lack or heartfelt anticipation. Take your pick.

Michael E. Smith

Michael E. Smith’s sculptures rot, at least in spirit. The Detroit-born and based artist’s work reflects on post-industrial, post-urban detritus.
Smith’s sculptures often employ clothing or other fabric-based used materials as readymades, which are subsequently altered to further emphasize the already overwhelming sense of decay. Untitled, 2011 an assemblage of pillowcase, recycling bag, debris, and seeds, sits conspicuously on the floor (as is typical for Smith’s work), communicating a precariousness in its state, constantly in flux between crippled beauty and disgust. (sugarhigh)

Artist Night at King Size Bar

ON THE WHEELS OF STEEL: Dju Dju B Juliette Bonneviot & Aude Pariset !!!
PREISSCHILD: Alexej Meschtschanow !!!

Liu Wei

One of China’s rising stars in a new breed of artists investigating the tensions between capitalism and socialism, poverty and rampant economic growth, Liu Wei is no friend to boundaries.
His work spans all disciplines and mediums, from rawhide models of cities and human sized feces to minimalist canvases. Meditation No. 7, 2011 is one such example. The painting’s horizontal stripes recall an abstract landscape, the orientation facing in direct opposition to Chinese urbanity’s rampant skyward growth. (sugarhigh)

Michael Müller

When you speak, write, or type a sentence, what are you saying? Michael Müller would argue much more than the words’ manifest definitions.
Taking cues from post-strcuturalist literary and liguistic theories, Müller produces paintings and large scale wall installations that investigate the relationship between language and identity. Yes or No, No or Yes, or No and No, 2011, is a ten part work, four panels of which are exhibited at ABC, consisting of portrait-style canvases composed of tile with bold, black ‘X’s painted slightly off center. Müller will also open an exhibition at Galerie Thomas Schulte on September 9th. (sugarhigh)

Vibeke Tandberg

Vibeke Tandberg likes to mess with the viewer. Her work focuses on the subtleties of psychological perception, especially with regard to social interaction and identity.
Often working with photography, her subjects become stereotyped versions of themselves through digital manipulation. Tandberg mimetically reproduces cultural effects on the individual. At ABC she presents a series of three paintings which, through nuanced punctuation and alternate spellings, disrupt the ability of instantaneous and complete language comprehension. (sugarhigh)