One gallery joining abc for the first time this year is Greene Exhibitions from Los Angeles. We spoke to Keith J. Varadi, the Associate Director of the gallery, and asked him a few questions about their participation.


Greene Exhibitions - India Lawrence



Why is abc important in your art calendar? What makes it interesting or special?
abc is especially exciting because it takes place in September, which is when people are typically geared up to more rigorously view and discuss art again after summer holiday. Also, I personally appreciate that it’s not laid out like most other art fairs, with uniform booths in rows. I really dig the fact that every gallery that is invited has the opportunity to do what they want, how they want. We certainly took this into consideration when choosing what we wanted to present. Lastly, Berlin is an incredibly centralized and culturally diverse city with an exceptionally rich and expansive history, plus it maintains a general liveliness and accessible infrastructure, which enables visitors to engage and explore the city and its offerings in ways that maybe aren’t as possible in other cities.  
Who and what are you going to be showing?

We will present a collection of nine floor works and a limited edition artist book by India Lawrence. The sculptures and the books are all different perspective iterations of the artist’s intersecting interests of commerce, fashion, nature, and individuality. Additionally, we will show “Galleria” by Marcus Herse, a video in which the artist navigates through a typical California mall in a manner somewhere between being impartial and indiscriminate, elucidating a prolonged and hazy bliss.  

What are you looking forward to the most?
I’m looking forward to introducing India and Marcus’s work to new viewers and to seeing my friend and one of my favorite painters Van Hanos’s show, which will be up at Tanya Leighton during the fair.  

Images courtesy of the artist and Greene Exhibitions