Ryan McGinley Tommy and Heather 2012 Bischoff Projects
For the next instalment in our series of interviews with some of our participating galleries we spoke to Larissa Bischoff, of Bischoff Projects, Frankfurt who will be presenting Ryan McGinley (USA).
This is your first time at abc – what are you looking forward to the most?
We are looking forward very much to share our passion for Ryan McGinleys work with the abc visitors.
Who and what are you going to be showing?
We are going to show two amazing works by Ryan McGinley. We will present them on a wallpaper Ryan created especially for abc, consisting of coloured and black and white portraits. Ryan takes intimate photographs that celebrate the beauty of youth and freedom. His photographs express the joyfulness and liberty of a generation that is exploring its surroundings.
Why is this event important in your art calendar? What makes it interesting or special?
We love to spend time in Berlin. The internationality of the city is reflected in the abc. The possibility to realize a solo presentation of an artist without architectural guidelines is fantastic. This focus on individual works of art excites us.
Ryan McGinley
Tommy & Heather, 2012
76,2 x 114,3 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Bischoff Projects