Do you want a guided tour through abc? No problem – NICHE Berlin guides will guide you through the halls. We asked them some questions, about what they are and what to expect from Niche at abc art berlin contemporary. Guided tours will be available daily (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at 1, 3 and 5 pm. Booking via

Can you describe what Niche is and what you are doing?
NICHE Berlin offers private personalized art and architecture tours. That means we show our clients hard-to-find, innovative architecture gems and experimental, emerging art spaces – the niches. We want to give them an authentic experience of our city, basically, as we would like to have it when we travel, too. NICHE Berlin is the brainchild of Katharina Beckmann (heritage conservation & architecture), Stefanie Gerke & Nele Heinevetter (both art history).
How did you start this project? What was the inspiration behind it?
We started the project in 2009. Back then, the project space scene was not yet organized in any kind of networks and so much was happening in terms of temporary architectural use. So we realized how great it would be to open up these unusual perspectives for art and architecture lovers from all over the world. We still believe that Berlin’s creative energy can best be explored in its niches. Luckily, it’s our own passion to explore the uncommon perspectives of our city and we are incredibly happy to share it – this keeps us up to date as well!
What can the visitors expect during the tours at the abc?
We offer open tours for individuals who would like to get some insights on abc but also on our favourite contributions, meet some of the participating artists and get introduced to their dealers. But the best thing is: prior to abc, groups can book custom-made tours with agreed key aspects.
What are you looking forward to most during the abc?
We’re excited about the lively program with artist talks, performances and presentations on the stage.
Booking information
Daily (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at 1, 3 and 5pm
Price: 5 Euro / person
Group-tour for up to 10 people, bookable on request as a group
Price: 75 Euro / group
Meeting point at the “guided tours” counter
Booking via

Foto: Mary Scherpe