Clive Phillpot: Booktrek Text in English € 20,00
Clive Phillpot was a librarian at Chelsea School of Art in London before he became Director of the Library at the MoMA in New York in 1977. Being the initiator of the Artists‘ Book section at Basel art fair, he collaborated with Printed Matter and Franklin Furnace, and works as a London-based freelancer today. Phillpot is a key figure in mapping out the field of artists‘ books from an institutional point of view, and Booktrek is a collection of some of his essays written between 1972 and 2010. Assembled are texts and ideas on books by Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner, Richard Long, Daniel Buren, Dieter Roth and many many others, as well as his thoughts about the development and reputation of the medium as such over the years. Phillpot finely fillets differences in the approach and use of books by different artists on both sides of the Atlantic. His „fruit salad“ chart visually defines the much-discussed term “ artist book “ on yet another level and reveals once more Phillpots deep involvement with the subject.