Andy Hope 1930 – Guido Baudach

If collecting is a virus- I think I got it: Acquire unique objects that will guide, inspire, comfort and maybe even bore and enrage you throughout your life. Objects you and you alone possess (and are possessed by). I get it. To enrich my imaginary collection started at Art Cologne this year I browsed abc yesterday. These are the works I would not want to leave/live without. Total value of my imaginary second step into collecting: 124.000euro
1. David Adamo @Ibid Projects

7 blocks of carved wood, 31 halfused rubbers (handpainted clay), 1 metronom + 3 M&Ms —-50.000 Euro

A fleeting memory of a childhood cartoon- flying pillows, feathers and magic brooms…
2. Cover picture: Andy Hope 1930 @Guido Baudach
6x 12.000 each
the artists interpretations of 6 super hero capes; you can buy separately, I -as is imaginary- will buy all.
3. Ulrike Heise@ Helga Maria Klosterfelde

edition of 5/ 1.000Euro (with the shelf)
The artist’s partial reconstruction of worm holes (different sized worms- different sized holes), sorted by size here, as met in her trip to …( where I forgot)

4. Claire Fontaine @ Galerie Neu

edition 30/ 1.100 Euro

The hole booth of Neu was exceptional, but this is what I would take with me. Art brands, marks, scars.
IMAGINARY UNTOUCHABLES – some works I would not even allow my imagination to afford.
Michael Joo @Blain/Southern

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by bpigs