Little Warsaw – the two Hungarian artists András Gálik and Bálint Havas, based in Budapest, adopted the pseudonym in 1999 and started creating joint projects. For abc Budapest’s Kisterem Gallery is presenting Naming You, an exhibition of Little Warsaw.


Kisterem - Little Warsaw


Little Warsaw’s eponymous novel, written for the project, supplies the conceptual backdrop for the show. Three editions of the book, each containing a different fragment of the novel, are available in a reading corner. This partly-existing novel is not an explanation of, nor the concept behind the exhibition. Rather, it is an attempt to unfold the artistic creations’ possible inducements based on direct and personal experience.



Little Warsaw
Jaali – Vertical, 2014
19,3 x 46 x 5 cm

Photo: Michael Michlmayr
copyright Little Warsaw & Wiener Secession