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ZAK | BRANICKA | Marlena Kudlicka

For this edition of abc art berlin contemporary 2015, gallery Zak | Branicka is delighted to present an installation of works from the new series ‚unprotected 0‘, by Marlena Kudlicka.

The work of Kudlicka follows the tradition of constructivist art. Her sculptures, born in the mechanics of language, are deeply connected with the construction process. In fact, it is the whole process of the development of shape that captivates the artist’s interest. She explores the intrinsic relationship between error and its derivatives (uncertainty, doubt…), determines how present they are in the sculpture that is to be made and creates what she calls “recipes”.
These recipes work as an index of what the sculpture is – much more than its mere shape, it is the result of a causality of all the ingredients that it entails. All the knowledge, the doubt, the hesitation, the precision and the errors that are involved in the process of creating a work, (% of errors, % of uncertainty, % of doubt, % angles, % of shapes…).