For abc art berlin contemporary 2014, Upstream Gallery (Amsterdam) presents Mark Bijl. He will be showing a new sculpture form his PORN-series, executed in Corten steel and with the flatness of the Hollywood sign.

Upstream Gallery - Marc Bijl

The following is an excerpt from a text about earlier PORN works by Nike B├Ątzner: PORN is a label for the spirit of the time, for the perversity of the current political and social processes, for the insistent, penetrating nature of fanatic messages that drive airplanes into skycrapers and ‚precision bombs‘ into Hamas headquarters; it modifies the catchword LOVE from the flower power movement of the sixties, for which Robert Indiana created the memorable symbol, and AIDS from the eighties, which General Idea transformed in their poster series. From a happy gaiety and laboured struggles for liberation, the path leads through imposed limitation and stricken bewilderment to an aggressive assimilation.
PORN denotes the taboo area that is still, despite all our buxom wonders, officially banned from bourgeois society, although it has since taken possession of it on a global scale.

Marc Bijl
Porn Player Special
paint and spray paint on canvas
100 x 100cm
Courtesy Upstream Gallery
Photocredit Gert Jan van Rooij