(design differs from the illustration)

In the context of the abc, Artek will be showcasing an exclusive edition of an icon of Finnish design, the „Stool 60 Pure” by Alvar Aalto on site, thus providing all 129 participating galleries across 18 countries with seating facilities. Following the closing of abc on Sunday 16th “Stool 60 Pure” will be exclusively available via the website of abc art berlin contemporary.

The stackable stool 60 created in 1933 by Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) represents the quintessence of functionalist furniture design. The simple idea behind this now-classic stool is based on three bent legs and a round seat. The secret of the original Aalto stool´s success lies in its legs´unique bends that eventually became the distinctive feature of all Aalto furniture.
Orders are accepted on a first come first serve basis until September 16th, 2012. Buy Yours Now!