Aurel Scheibler | Jack Pierson

Aurel Scheibler | Jack Pierson



Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler | Group Show

„Off Cardinal Points“

27 November – 30 January 2016

Opening 26 November | 6 – 9 pm


Every work of art comes with its own set of dynamics and inscribed information and is perceived within a framework of certain perceptual systems. It bares its own way of organizing information and the way this unfolds reveals its unique intelligence. At the same time an artwork can’t be limited to any specific parameters as its logic and meaning is mutable, arbitrary, if not capricious; its meaning remaining an approximation. An exhibition then becomes only a snapshot of the dynamics an artwork negotiates. Off Cardinal Points brings together a group of works that echo various modes of awareness for those conditions. With Lutz Bacher, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Adriana Lara, Sven Loven, DAS INSTITUT with Allison Katz, Carissa Rodriguez and Philippe Thomas.



Aurel Scheibler | Group Show


27 November – 23 January 2016

Opening 26 November | 6 – 9 pm


Group Show with Anderson Auder, Betke Bragdon, Chamberlain, Fahlström Gall, Goicolea Holstad, Kricke Löffelhardt, Morris Nay Neel, Pierson Reusch, Schutter Selekman, Stenvert Turk, Whiteread Wutz and  Zucker



EIGEN+ART Lab | Alex Lebus

„Breaking the Waves and Drawing a Line“

27 November – 19 December 2015

Opening 27 November | 5 – 9 pm



Luis Campaña | Andrew Beck, Seb Koberstädt, Jürgen Stollhans

Opening 28 November | 12 – 6 pm



Barbara Wien | Luca Frei

„Hermann Scherchen: alles hörbar machen II“

01 December – 30 January 2016

Opening 28 November | 4 – 8 pm