Nina Canell_Strays_2012_Foto Nick Ash_72dpi
This year there are some galleries working together to bring unique presentations to abc. Konrad Fischer Galerie and Galerie Wien Lukatsch collaborate to bring us new works by Nina Canell.
The precarious installations of Nina Canell could be read as essays on changeability and uncertainty. Her communities of objects quietly interact with each other through modest arrangements, balancing careful ambitions to sustain certain frequencies, movements or altitudes. Electrical debris, wires and neon gas establish temporary, almost performative sculptural unions with natural findings such as water, wood or stones, yielding open-ended moments of synchronicity. An improvisational methodology and a flexibility of form highlight Canell’s quest for sculpture, which exists somewhere in between the material and the immaterial, forming and questioning the conductive relations between solid objects and mental events.
Nina Canell
Strays, 2012
Radio, concrete, chromed bronze
Installation view Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart
Photograph by Nick Ash