BQ Berlin and The Modern Institute are delighted to present a series of new paintings by Andrew Kerr at abc 2013.
Andrew Kerr describes the work: “Paint sketches without direct observational study. Paintings on paper, the paper pinned to a board, that board on an easel. Over several sittings the paper is more or less covered. An aim is to paint into definition: make less abstract. Recently, though, aims are changing, without aims, even. It’s more staying with embarrassment, abstraction and worry. Letting it disappoint. Acrylic paint made duller. The paintings aren’t so big, they are half lit and low contrast tonally. Perhaps there is a central figure of some sort. Layers become milky, a sluggish chemistry. Pinks, browns, parched yellows with dark oranges for outlines. Unconvincing shadows, soft grounds and few diagonals. Stopping at a crumb or dribble out of reach. “
Andrew Kerr was born in 1977 in Glasgow where he lives and works. Kerr makes paintings and sculptures from paper and found objects. His works represent observations, or everyday elements in an unfamiliar way; by magnifying the qualities of an object; its contours, areas of tone or colour, and its materiality, or by emphasising a particular relationship between an object and the illusory space it inhabits. Dictated by the movement of paint across a surface Kerr’s paintings consistently break the expected development of the composition, creating scenes that are unexpected and inquisitive.
Andrew Kerr
“Naval illustration”, 2013
Acrylic on board
37 x 56 x 0.3 cm
Photo: Keith Hunter
courtesy the artist; BQ, Berlin; The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow