Daniel Marzona | Johannes Wald

Daniel Marzona presents at this year’s abc – art berlin contemporary new works by the german artist Johannes Wald.

Through his conceptual sculptural practice Johannes Wald strives to explore fundamental questions of working with sculpture. The questioning of the classical sculpture tradition, which defines itself almost always through a strong presence of materiality, has led Wald to understand the actual absence of material as a crucial part of his work. In his new works Wald explores the relationship of material, physicality, and movement. A 2x3m hand-polished steel mirror faces the exhibition space and captures the movements of the visitors. The depiction of movement requires the presence of bodies; in their absence the work is reduced to its sheer material. Behind the mirror, a second work captures footprints in stacked plates of plaster. While the actual body is absent its presence is evoked by its trace.
Caption: Johannes Wald, several attempts at forming an adequate gesture of beauty, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Daniel Marzona, Berlin