For a decade, Canadian artist Douglas Coupland’s works have explored the delicate lines between beauty, toxicity and defacement. For this year’s abc, Daniel Faria Gallery is presenting “Optimism vs. Pessimism”, in which Coupland presents two versions of Earth in the form of globes: one soiled beyond recognition with a black, oil-like liquid; the other covered with gestural bursts of candy-coloured paint poured over the North Pacific Trash Gyre.

Daniel Faria Gallery - Douglas Coupland

Laced with irony, the piece highlights the equal toxicities of optimism and pessimism, optimism perhaps being the sexier of the two. The result is a permeating sense of the seductiveness of death, the wilful ignorance surrounding environmental crises, and the contradictory glamorisation of the dreadful that is necessary for emotional survival in a perhaps unstoppable global disaster.

Douglas Coupland
Optimism vs. Pessimism , 2014
Courtesy of the Artist and Ellis King, Dublin

abc program
Thursday, 18 September, 4 pm | Douglas Coupland “Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything”, Talk and book launch | Daniel Faria Gallery