Danish artist Cristian Andersen’s sculptural works come to life through an accumulation of steps, the first of which is the culmination of various “objets trouvés.”

Wentrup - Cristian Andersen

Figuratively narrative elements, such as a tennis ball or even popcorn, are fused with constructively abstract – post-minimal – industrial materials, such as rigid foam or expanded materials. The result, one might say, is a new whole. Andersen adds pigments which abstract the artwork by blurring the lines between the various original elements. The end result is neither a collage nor a reconstruction. The artistic process converts the forgotten and the lost, the banal and the destroyed into a new order of material unity and identity that appears to have a life of its own. Cristian Andersen will be shown at Wentrup.
CA/S 62/1, Cristian Andersen
“hollow way”, 2013
199 x 63 x 25 cm / 78 1/3 x 24 3/4 x 9 3/4 in
ceramics, steel, wood, paint
courtesy of the artist and WENTRUP, Berlin