Simone Gilges
In this brief interview we introduce Simone Gilges and the work she will present at abc.

What was the last book / film / song that inspired you?
Honey-Suckle Company – sprititus
Edgar Reitz – Heimat
Where is your favorite Berlin location?
Casano in Berlin Reinickendorf.
Can you tell us about the work you will be presenting at abc?
The underlying thought is a stage set. A combination of reversed, processed landscape photography and textile elements form an associative and pseudo-romantic setting.
Including and excluding at the same time, the viewer should find himself in the artificial gaudiness of modernity. On the next level the habitants of the violated landscape are sitting behind their windows, trying not to go mental with all the insane news of today. Sadly it is quite a dark setting.

Photo (c) Yula Kasp