Micha Payer + Martin Gabriel
In this brief interview we introduce Micha Payer + Martin Gabriel and their work they will present at abc.

What was the last book / film / song that inspired you?
“Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky was an inspiring film. A scene in which the camera glides over the water – through a liquid universe of objects – especially created a feeling of tension between nature and civilisation, an existential human condition. The confusion of surface, ground and reflection, of the disappearing and the deceptive, emphasises this human conflict.
Where is your favorite Berlin location?
A place we will undoubtedly visit in Berlin is the Naturkundemuseum, to see the exhibition “Kometen. Die Mission Rosetta” – absolutely in the focus of our artistic interest.
Can you tell us about the work you will be presenting at abc? 
We will present a multilayered installation of drawings and objects. The installation deals with the aesthetic of complexity in human life by using formal principles of repetition and variation, which are very important in our work, and through focusing on natural elementary events. A ghostly meteorite, a fossil cloud, and much more … We are also glad to present our new published art book “Aus Fragmenten…eine Welt”, which, in a poetic and subjective sense, is based on the idea of an encyclopaedia.


Courtesy Christine König Galerie, Wien