Fridolin (Babypython) and Daniel Knorr
In this brief interview we introduce Daniel Knorr and the work he will present at abc.

What was the last book / film / song that inspired you?
The Nation and its Ruins: Antiquity, Archaeology and National Imagination in Greece by Yannis Hamilakis. It’s about how historic artifacts are building national identity, a book that I find has a particular „urgency“ today.
Where is your favorite Berlin location?
Weinbergspark on the hill, when the sun is out ;).
Can you tell us about the work you will be presenting at abc?
For abc I am bringing a so-called “one-man Bunker“ from WW2 from its original location in Braunschweig to Berlin. It needs to be cut off the fundament. It is about 230 cm high and 160 cm in circumference, the walls are 20 cm of concrete and it all weighs about 3 tons. There are 6 very thin observation slits in all directions, and the sound resonance is mad inside the piece. The work is called „Solo Bunker“ and reflects „the perception through history“, pointing out the redemption of historic perception, a fallback into primitivism, simulating the contemporary „last man – last culture standing“ attitude.
Further, I am participating in the VIP Programme of the abc organized by niche, for which I will make my showroom accessible. There, new works and experiments can be seen and I will give a talk on Saturday, September 17th at 5pm. You need to get registered for the VIP tour.
Besides that there is a special shuttle service doing the showroom tour to my studio daily from Thursday, Sept. 15th – Sunday, Sept. 19th, from 2 pm to 6 pm – duration of trip is approximately 90 minutes. Registration for this can be found under the telephone number: 0049 (0) 1523 8272 111, or at the abc stand of my gallery (the Bunker) Nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder. Happy to see you ;D.

Photo (c) Nevin Aladag