Galerie Nordenhake | Michal Budny | Primitive, 2015
Sommer & Kohl | Eva Berendes
14 March – 18 April 2015
Opening Friday 13 March 6–9 pm

In her third solo exhibition at Sommer & Kohl Eva Berendes presents a group of new works combining painted steel tubing, grilles, prints and found objects into pictorial assemblages. As sorts of “still lives of public space” these constellations pick up on the semi-random fashion in which visual information converges in the urban sphere in form of guidance systems, fences, playground equipment, advertising billboards and architectural elements. Other objects are added that seem to give away anecdotal evidence: a glove that has been lost, a rope that has sunk into a puddle. Inspired by, mostly unintentional, design gestures and accidental overlays that she comes across – and by a design of radical pragmatism – the artist singles out moments that emerge as powerful and direct interventions in front of an aesthetic backdrop.
Galerie Nordenhake | Michal Budny
14 March – 25 April 2015
Opening 13 March 2015, 6-8pm
For his first exhibition at Nordenhake Michał Budny is presenting a diverse range of new works made from the simplest, most accessible materials from everyday life: Large scale sculptures next to flat, image-like objects as well as wall paintings and ephemeral interventions conceived specially for the exhibition. The artist arranges the works in the exhibition space as one coherent group, almost like an installation, which creates its own space but at the same they maintain their status as independent objects.
Michał Budny is known for his austere yet poetically charged sculptures and objects made from commonplace, „poor“ materials like cardboard, paper, coloured foil, plastic in a subdued colour pallet. Their weightless materiality defies expectation, and they seem to resemble flashes of thought. His works can be very unassuming yet also superbly evocative. For most of Michał Budny’s sculptures and installations the starting point is a word or a concept. His new works—created specifically for this exhibition—revolve around the term “primitive”.

Galerie Koal | Yinon Avior, Kolja Gollub and Christopher Wierling
Opening of the New Space
Reopening 25 March 2015, 7-9pm
Save the date: Galerie Koal is moving to Leipziger Strasse 47 Berlin 10117.