KOW | Chto Delat, Time Capsule. Artistic Report on Catastrophes and Utopia, Installation view, KOW, Berlin, 2015
Eigen + Art lab | Assaf Gruber
“Citizen in the Making”
08 April – 25 April 2015
Opening 08 April 2015, 5-9pm 

Das Eigen + Art Lab präsentiert den israelischen Künstler Assaf Gruber mit dem zweiten Teil Citizen in the Making seiner Filmtriologie Anonymity of the Night. Assaf Gruber lebt und arbeitet heute in Berlin und wurde 2014 durch das Arbeitsstipendium Bildende Kunst des Berliner Senats gefördert. Neben der Videoinstallation werden weitere Werke des Künstlers ausgestellt, die sich auf den Film beziehen oder aus ihm stammen. Der erste Teil der Filmtriologie wird parallel bis zum 26. April im n.b.k. in der Ausstellung History is a Warm Gun. zu sehen sein.
Thomas Fischer | Friedemann Heckel
10 April – 30 May 2015
Opening 09 April 2015, 6-9pm
In Friedemann Heckel’s hands drawing is addressed, both as a covering or surface that can be detached from its source and reinserted elsewhere, and as a subversive language whose abstract signs are both meaningful and mysterious. As with much of Heckel’s work, this has its origins in his careful observations of the urban environment. His latest works question the relationship between the visual and haptic qualities of goods and images, and the political economy through which they circulate; and which is, in Heckel’s works, quite literally inscribed on its surfaces.
KOW | Chto Delat
“Time Capsule – Artistic Report on Catastrophes and Utopia”
28 February – 18 April 2015
Discussion: Russia, the Zombie State of the Art, and Collective Despair and Utopia, Vilensky (Chto Delat) and Alexander Koch (KOW) in conversation
Event 09 April 2015, 7pm
Following Chto Delat’s solo exhibition at Secession Vienna this winter, we present the first gallery solo project of the Russian collective. It is the third chapter of our exhibition series ONE YEAR OF FILMMAKERS. In their first exhibition at KOW – a modified version of their earlier project at the Secession in Vienna – Chto Delat report from a cataclysmic present that struck their ability to imagine an alternative, a future. With a view to the current situation in Russia and beyond, they paint a picture of widespread resignation in the face of today’s economic as well as military imperialism, resurgent nationalisms, and the return to confrontational postures on both sides of the former East-West conflict.